Although the number of Covid-19 cases has been on the rise recently, Malaysia’s vaccination rate has also been in a rapid mode recently and is actually the fastest in the world. Not long ago, we surpassed the 200,000 injections per day mark, but with the influx of vaccine supplies, we are now breaking the upper limit every day-yesterday, more than 460,000 doses were injected. Good job, JKJAV, keep going!

Yesterday, the Director-General of Health, Dr. Tan Sri Nur Hisham Abdullah, took Labuan as an example and continued to say that if the vaccination rate remains at 150,000 vaccination times per day, the number of daily cases in October may increase. Below the 1,000 mark. Of the 460k total yesterday, more than 155k is the second dose.

Do you want more good news? The government is now considering relaxing restrictions on people who have been vaccinated twice. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin hinted yesterday that people who are fully vaccinated may soon be allowed to travel and eat in restaurants. Take a moment to recall, imagine…

The prime minister said that he has asked the JKJAV (special committee to ensure access to the Covid-19 vaccine supply) led by Khairy Jamaluddin to study the relaxation of movement control on fully vaccinated people.

“I think most people have received the (vaccine) vaccine. Therefore, I have asked JKJAV to consider leaving some leeway for those who have completed two doses of the vaccine for travel or dining in restaurants. This will show that we are dealing with Covid At the same time as -19, people’s lives can gradually return to normal.” Caring about the country’s basket program, name Report.

If you need a reminder, Most of Selangor with Some other areas Currently under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), but is completely blocked nationwide (FMCO) started on June 1, with us Cannot cross state and territory boundaries since May 10. Hope that the momentum of the vaccination campaign can overcome the duel of rising infection rates. At the same time, stay at home and pay attention to safety.



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