Porsche Once again claiming the Nürburgring lap record for the production car, and it is doing so 911 GT2 RSHowever, this particular record has a little gray area. The record-breaking 911 GT2 RS is equipped with a Manthey performance package. At first glance, this is a scream of “modification”, but Porsche evaded this question, saying that it offers this Manthey Performance Kit as a Porsche hardcover accessory option and sells it through the Porsche Centre. This satisfies the “production” requirement, so the lap record is recorded.

Mercedes-AMG is now in second place.This GT2 RS beats with Manthey Performance Kit Its AMG GT Black Series (Previous record holder) Going around the “ring” for 4.747 seconds.

The official Porsche time set by development driver Lars Kern is 6:43.300 minutes.This AMG GT The black series set a time of 6:48.047 on the same 20.8 km track configuration.Compared with non-Manthey GT2 RS using equivalent equipment Nürburgring The lap timing program is nearly 9 seconds faster. The chassis has been modified, brake And the air assembly makes the single lap faster.

The new damper on the front has three different settings, while the rear has four. A new brake pad compound with Porsche’s carbon ceramic rotor is more aggressive than the standard. Aerodynamic improvements include the addition of flaps on the front spoiler, a new rear spoiler, improved diffuser, additional underbody covering and aerodynamic discs on the rear wheels. When driving at 124 miles per hour, the downforce ahead increases from 108 pounds to 154 pounds. At the rear, it increased from 205 pounds to 441 pounds. Kern cited additional downforce as the main additive, making a single lap faster than a regular GT2 RS by nearly 9 seconds.

Manthey’s final changes include an additional water tank for spray cooling of the intercooler. The extra fuel tank can reduce the number of refueling, which is ideal for those who buy a Manthey kit that focuses on the track. Porsche said that European owners of the GT2 RS can now order the kit from the Porsche Centre.It all comes from Porsche Warranty, Porsche promised that the kit will be introduced to other markets in time.

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