Porsche Will go to Munich for the first edition Auto show Uncover what it calls future-oriented conceptual research. Although the complete design is still hidden, the preview image released by the company contains some valuable hints.

Published On social media, The trailer sketch depicts the front end of a bright red car with boomerang-shaped headlights.Four independent LEDs in the concept (their names have not yet been revealed) and Taikan, So we guess this is another electric car. We were told that it would use “cutting-edge technology.”

A variety of electric vehicles appeared In the Porsche product timeline, including Second generation Macan, But we don’t think this is an SUV. The company pointed out that it has been testing new features and new technologies on the track for more than 70 years, and the concept follows this path.The statement is accompanied by #Sports car Tag, so we may be working on electric two-seater cars, although this is speculation.

Of course, there are other possible options.Unproven rumor claim Porsche officials are discussing whether to release a smaller electric car Taikang. According to reports, the Coupe and the convertible Taycan are still at the negotiating table Earlier report, Although they have not been approved for production. To be sure, this concept will not preview the electric 911.Oliver Bloom tell us It did not happen.

Regarding the technologies mentioned in the preview, Porsche’s fleet of powertrain solutions has many new features.it will Start to build a new battery Used in racing cars in the 2020s, some high-end production cars will also use them. The project is still in the embryonic stage of development, so it may be too early for the company to preview its existing products.It is also working hard Multiple cooperation projects Cooperation with Rimac of Croatia.

Porsche will showcase its next concept on September 6 and will launch the unveiling ceremony online. The design study will be publicly unveiled for the first time on September 7 at the 2022 Munich Motor Show, which will replace the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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