Under the title “A new look at the smart city”, on August 17 at 12 noon at the Fundación Botín in Santander (C/ Pedrueca, 1) the inauguration of the new chapter of Santander Legal Hackers will take place, with the participation of the mayor of the city, Gema Igual.

On cities and technology, and the challenges to reinvent and redesign the relationship model of cities with citizens, and of these with each other, so that they are intelligent cities or smart cities, they will debate, moderated by William Perez co-organizer of Santander Legal Hackers, the experts Luis Munozprofessor of Telematics Engineering at the University of Cantabria; John Corroformer president of the AENOR Smart Cities Committee and Raul Rubioa partner in the Digital Law area of ​​Deloitte Legal.

A free day in face-to-face format in which the opening of the new chapter of Santander Legal Hackers will be celebrated.

EMEA Legal Hackers

The second edition of the EMEA Legal Hackers Summit, organized by the Legal Hackers chapter in Madrid, took place at the Lefebvre headquarters in June 2019, in which the Legal Hackers community from across the region gathered for three days EMEA, from different countries, in a very successful call.

The co-founder of Legal Hackers, Jameson Dempsey, participated in this edition by reviewing the growth and trajectory of the community in recent years and counting the number of chapters in the Legal Hackers community.