Our final update: Prime Day is over.If you are discounting, we have collected Still offering the best Prime Day offers (as of June 23). As always, we hope we can help you screen crazy sales and find quality products.Check our purchase guide To get the latest suggestions.

We have searched on Amazon The absolute best Prime Day offer, This is one of the transactions in which WIRED staff send text messages to their friends and family.This Colgate hum Is The best electric toothbrush We have tested that when you cut the coupon on the page, the battery-powered version is only $20 on Amazon. (The full discount will be shown at checkout.)

Like many Prime member day discounts, this offer is only applicable to Prime members.you could Sign up here for a free 30-day trial, But if you don’t want it, don’t forget to cancel.

The Colgate Hum battery-powered electric toothbrush sells for $20 ($45 off) at Amazon-click the coupon button

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Shopping on Prime Day is like rummaging through the cabinets in the yard. You sift through outdated clothes boxes and browse a table full of dusty books, hoping to find that vintage peas doll or sterling silver wine set. Think of this electric toothbrush as a hidden gem-a needle in a haystack.

Colgate Buzz (9/10, wired recommendation) Is already very affordable. This is part of the reason we like it so much.Despite smartphone apps, smart hygiene tracking, attractive aesthetics, and cheap replacement heads, it usually only costs $65 or $80 Rechargeable version. This is much lower than similar models of other brands. We are shocked that the rare price of the rechargeable model has dropped to $50 (One of those rare price drops is happening now), but $20 AAA battery powered version The kind of crazy discounts that make these shopping holidays exciting. The discount may end at the end of Prime Day tonight at midnight Pacific time.

Not everyone needs a smart toothbrush, but you should change your teeth cleaning tool every three months or so. If you have been considering switching to an electric version, now is a good time to do so.

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