A chronically ill former associate professor at the Georgia Military Academy is suing the college for wrongful dismissal, saying he was fired last year for refusing to return to in-person teaching, macon telegraph report.

Joshua Fields, who was fired from 2013 until last February, taught biology primarily on the college’s Augusta campus. Fields suffers from “serious illnesses” described in the lawsuit, including Crohn’s disease and kidney failure, which “compromised his immune system” and “put him at increased risk of serious illness…if he contracts COVID -19.”

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, alleges the college violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lawsuit states that from March 2020 to August 2020, when the college restricted in-person instruction, Fields taught remotely from home.

That August, when the college began requiring professors to return to teaching on campus, Fields told the college that, for him, doing so would violate the doctor’s advice, the lawsuit said. He asked to be allowed to continue teaching remotely until the end of 2020, when it might be safe for him to return to campus. 19. However, GMC is aware that Dr. Fields is not requesting accommodation for COVID-19, but rather reasonable accommodation for the disability he suffers, which puts him at a higher riskā€¦if he were to contract COVID-19 . “

The college did not respond to a request for comment.