If you’re thinking about getting into the prop trading game, you’ve probably been wondering about which of the various trading platforms is the right one for you. In this article, we’ll cover Topstep, Funded Trader, and Ment Funding. Each platform has a specific strategy for each trader’s risk appetite and the amount they’re willing to invest. There’s no need to be a “know-it-all” to succeed at this type of trading.


If you’ve been trading in the Forex market for a while, you’ve probably heard of Topstep prop trading. It’s a funded trading platform with over 35 different futures contracts. It also features educational resources, fantastic profit splits, and a low monthly rate. Here are some pros and cons of the Topstep platform. If you’re interested in joining the Topstep trading program, read on for more information.

First of all, Topstep offers numerous account tiers based on experience level. A new trader should stick to the $50k to $100k range, while an experienced trader can earn up to $500k in buying power. Loss limits and profit targets are also higher at the higher payment tiers. In addition, Topstep’s customer support team is second to none. The website offers numerous proofs online, so you can rest assured that the company is not a shady fly-by-night prop shop.

Toptier Trader

When it comes to Prop Trading, there are many different opportunities for you to profit. Prop trading is a great way to access larger amounts of capital while lowering the risk. Prop Trading firms offer lower fees and commissions than other trading platforms and invest in the training of their traders. They also rely on their traders’ success to increase their profits. This article will examine three common trading platforms and how they can benefit you and access the Profit Builder App now. Read on for more details!

FTMO is the world’s largest prop trading company. It was established in Prague, Czech Republic, and last year distributed $27 million in profits to traders. The platform also offers an escalation program where your account can grow up to $2,020,000. Traders can choose the Fast Trader or Accelerator program based on their experience and goals. While the Rapid program offers high leverage, the Accelerator program doesn’t offer an evaluation.

Funded Trader

If you’ve ever heard of a Funded Trader in prop trading, then you’ve heard of the best part of working for a firm. While these firms are not actually a customer, they do make money from exploiting small pricing inefficiencies in the securities market. Prop trading has become increasingly popular in the past decade, thanks to algorithms and quant strategies. Meanwhile, sales & trading at large banks is still primarily focused on serving the clients of the bank. Nevertheless, these firms may still take positions for profit and risk management purposes.

Funded Trader uses institutional liquidity providers instead of retail brokers. Traders in the Funded Trader program get doubled account funding when they hit a profit target. Another great feature of Funded Trader is its leverage, which is significantly higher than what most trading platforms offer. For example, when using forex, a rapid account leverage of 100:1 is available. By using a 100:1 leverage, traders can increase their profit targets up to four times.

Ment Funding

Unlike most other prop trading platforms, Ment Funding does not hold investor funds. They do not provide broker services. In fact, they do not provide custody of any investor funds. The account is funded in USD. Ment Funding’s 1-step evaluation requires a 10% profit target and a 4% daily loss limit. Clients also have to adhere to a maximum lot size rule. However, this is more than enough for many investors, and the platform is available for unlimited trading accounts.

Ment Funding is a relatively new prop firm. Founded in October 2020, this platform began as an educational platform before expanding into a prop firm in June 2021. While based in the United States, the company has several branches worldwide. Its trading account size is $1,000,000 and uses the Eightcap broker, an ASIC-regulated broker in Australia. The company’s FAQ page also provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

E8 Funding

If you’re in the market for a new provider of online prop trading, you might be considering using E8 Funding as your partner. The company has a unique approach to funding for traders, making it as simple as possible to become a professional trader. E8 leverages artificial intelligence to ensure that investors’ capital is secure. This enables E8 users to become funded instantly without the hassle of a broker.

Before becoming funded with E8 Funding, new traders should meet the account requirements. They must meet profit targets of 8% in phase one, and 5% in phase two. They must meet these profit targets, but E8 Funding’s account requirements are relatively low. The program also allows traders to scale their accounts and enjoy 80% profit splits. However, it’s important to understand the risk involved in this type of trading before committing to it.