Former Proton designer and current industrial design director of MIMOS Saharudin Busri has previously shown his digital works, namely Malaysian sports car concept From earlier this year and Proton Savvy 18 concept car And crossover Suprima X concept, All from 2017.

Unlike the sports car concept shown in June, Saharudin’s latest graphic interpretation is based on past production cars, although it has a clear national interest, namely the Proton Saga Aeroback with rider decorations. Here, the basic form uses the original car’s angular front panel, and then uses full-width LED daytime running lights to give a sense of the future.

The slender air intake on the original Saga Knight is re-presented in the concept sketch as a wider, almost full-width air intake, although the concept does not have the original accordion-like belt wrapped around the front of the car, just above the bumper. The front angle indicator of the production car is shown in the concept sketch, with an L-shaped unit on each side.

Its side profile also uses the flat top wheel arch of the original Saga Knight. The wheel arch is equipped with a set of large turbine-looking alloy wheels. The wheels are wrapped in low-profile tires and are well tucked into the cab. Add modern beauty.

The front and rear wheel arches are connected by full-length panel creases to maintain continuity along the entire length of the car, and the concept sketch also features a simplified version of the original rider decals in orange, red and gray.

The taillight processing echoes the front end processing, and the full-width taillights adopt an increasingly popular layout on modern production cars. It is located under the boot lid spoiler, which also forms the upper part of the rear fascia. The outer end of the tail light element provides a graphic suggestive of the original Saga Aeroback vertical tail light assembly.

Saharudin’s concept sketch differs from the production car in terms of overall outlines in the rear part of the roof line. The roof of the concept car seems to extend further back, and therefore is connected to a more upright C-pillar, which may produce a rear part. Realize a real building, and the seats will be more spacious.

Dear reader, what do you think of this modern interpretation of the Proton Saga Aeroback Knight form? Is it enough to capture the style of the original car? Check out the video below to see how Saharudin created this concept.


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