Earlier today, it was reported that manufacturers are finally expected to raise new car prices due to higher raw material and logistics costs due to the weaker ringgit. The Malaysian Automobile Association (MAA) said a price hike would be inevitable as things stand.

However, MAA president Datuk Aisha Ahmed said car companies have not yet decided to raise car prices and continue to absorb additional costs. Proton is one of those automakers because daily news Report.

The national carmaker is continuing to digest rising raw material costs to maintain prices of its vehicles, according to its deputy chief executive Roslan Abdullah, but has yet to comment on any related matters in this regard. things are decided.

“Proton has not made any decisions at this time. If there are (increases or otherwise), we will announce them in the near future. At the moment, we are still trying to absorb the increase in costs,” he told the publication. However, if costs continue to rise and further impact its suppliers, the company will likely have to pass on some of the increase to customers, he added.

The automaker is already gearing up to revise the prices of its models to bring sales and service tax (SST) back into its selling prices. On May 1, the company said that any vehicle orders from that date will only be delivered after the SST waiver period ends on June 30.