What skills, knowledge and abilities will students develop during their university studies? How does the university enable graduates to understand and explain their abilities to employers and others?

This week’s episode of The Key, Inside higher educationThe news and analysis podcasts explored these issues by exploring the efforts of a university to create a better and richer student learning record.

Insiya Bream, Assistant Vice Provost for Data and Systems at the University of Maryland’s Global Campus, discussed the “Comprehensive Learner Record” it created to help its MBA students better capture and describe the full range of capabilities they have developed throughout the learning process And learn from the institution’s educational experience. Parchment CEO Matthew Pittinsky described why “better transcripts”-often discussed in the context of professional studies like UMGC-can actually help liberal arts institutions prove the value of their work.

Click here to listen to this episode of The Key-episode 50 of the podcast.


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