If you plan to “rewrite the rules” with a jersey, you might as well use a third set of jerseys. Puma released new jerseys for its 10 European clubs in 2020-2022, which will definitely deviate from the script.

All 10 clubs follow a heavy-text jersey with similar templates and stand out for three reasons: the front is the name of each team, the club’s badge is displayed in the background pattern instead of above the heart, and the Puma on the top Opposite the sign.

The European clubs that will wear the new jerseys are: Manchester City (England), Monchengladbach (Germany), AC Milan (Italy), Valencia (Spain), Marseille (France), Resnais Stadium (France), Ein Khovin (Netherlands)), Fenerbahçe (Turkey), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) and Krasnodar (Russia).

Below are pictures of all 10 shirts and initial fan reactions:

Manchester City

AC Milan





Renai Stadium

Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Krasnodar


Puma released these jerseys through the jersey unveiling show on YouTube:

It can be expected that when the design changes are so dramatic, the first reaction of fans is not necessarily favorable:

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