A century ago, Aston Martin’s A3 was the most advanced sports machine. Called the chassis number. 3. But usually named after its alphanumerics, this sports car is the third of five prototypes that helped launch the brand in the early 1920s.Now, the company is paying tribute to the oldest surviving Aston Martin, especially Vantage Sports Car Commissioned and brought to life by a dealer in the UK By Q.

This Vantage Sports Car Can not fully capture the overall appearance of this slender vintage racing car, but it does have many elegant elements, obviously paying tribute to its ancestors. The aluminum grille surround and mudguards are a tribute to the A3 bare-body hood. A small number of bronze components (such as brake calipers, control knobs in the car cabin, etc.) complement the bronze elements of A3. The interior is an elegant combination of obsidian black and maroon tan leather trim and contrast stitching.

Somewhat surprisingly, Aston limited the number of A3-inspired Vantage Roadsters it intends to build. No, this is not a one-off, however, Aston plans to build only three of these special Vantage Roadsters, all of which will be sold through commissioned dealers. But like the customization department of any luxury car manufacturer, Q is definitely willing to launch another Vantage Roadster with a similar style—but at a price.

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