Queen Elizabeth II She died on Thursday, September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was 96 years old. They have been going on in the UK ever since mourning ceremoniesattended by members of the royal family.

They regularly meet with a crowd of compatriots who want to honor the longest ruling monarch in their country.

Thursday Kate Middleton and Prince William they came to Sandringham, Norfolk. One of the Windsor mansions is located there. Queen Elizabeth II usually stayed there from Christmas to February. There, too, royals greet the New Year.

The heir to the throne and his wife strolled outside the gates of the estate, welcoming the assembled Brits. At some point the Duchess approached the students of Howard Junior School. From the group of eight-year-olds, she chose one girl – Elizabeth Sulkovska. She asked her to come with her to pay tribute to the late queen. The girl – slightly intimidated – agreed to the offer. Kate put a hand on her shoulder, reassuring her. Eight-year-old she deposited a plush corgi at the gate – the mascot of the queen’s favorite breed of dogs.

“She was stunned, she cried with joy at being chosen“- reported in an interview with the” Daily Mail “Gregory Hill – headmaster of the school attended by Elizabeth.

“The older generation, of course, knew the queen longer, but the children are also very touched by her passing and want to do everything possible to honor her legacy and never forget her,” he added.

The monarchini will be buried on Monday. – Ensuring safety during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be the biggest operation London Metropolitan Police has ever undertaken Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy said Friday.

Approximately 500 foreign officials, including royalty, presidents and prime ministersand hundreds of thousands of people are expected along the route that will take the coffin containing the body of the deceased monarch – first from the Palace of Westminster to the Abbey and then from there to Windsor Castle.