There is a new bodybuilder there, and the company calls itself Radford.Today, Radford showed its first car-Type 62-2-which is based on chassis and foundation Lotus Evora. This is a very good place to start building. In addition, the company also has some big names. F1 racer Jenson Button It is the person who dials into the car driving dynamics.Mark Stubbs, former Bentley, Bugatti, Aston Martin And more, leading the design process.And Ant Anstead, now co-hosting “Wheeler Dealer” Construction/production work is being processed.

There may be one Evora Under all the new bodies, but this car doesn’t look like one on the outside.Rather, its purpose is to pursue the original Lotus 62 race carTaking a quick look at both, it seems that Radford has done the standing work to bring it there. It even first appeared in the uniform worn by the old style 62. We will notice that there will be two cars with slightly different appearances. The first is the “classic” version without wings and with staggered 17/18-inch wheels. The other model is called the “Gold Leaf”, which has a 62-type wing, which can be done in the paint you see here, and has a larger central locking 18/19-inch wheel.

Due to Evora’s dense aluminum structure, the Radford Type 62-2 weighs less than 2,205 pounds. Radford uses all carbon fiber Body panels. This lightweight body is propelled forward by the 3.5-liter Toyota-provided supercharged V6 engine used in Evora.Its tone in the 62-2 model provides 430 horsepower. However, upgrading from Classic to Gold Leaf will increase to 500 horsepower. Radford says it gets extra power through upgraded pistons, connecting rods, camshafts and new electronic engine mapping. If you want the extra power of Classic, Radford says you can still choose to have it.

As you may have suspected, the 62-2 is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. However, unlike Evora, you can also specify a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. If you specify an engine power of up to 500 horsepower, it is the only gearbox available, so choose poison in this regard-there is no manual available for the high-power version.

As for the suspension, Radford said that compared to the standard, it lowers the height of the car and slightly changes the suspension geometry. lotus Design-thanks, Jenson. It uses adjustable dampers and has an optional hydraulic head lifting system. In order to get the maximum steering feel, Radford said it installed a completely unassisted (non-powered) steering system.

There are currently no internal photos, but Radford provided a brief preview. Since the car does not have a rear window, it is equipped with a digital rear-view mirror that provides continuous real-time feedback through a camera pointing backwards. The side mirrors are also cameras, which play real-time images on a small screen installed on each A-pillar. The last screen of this car is a 6-inch display directly in front of the driver, which can be customized for daily driving tasks or track data. The car also has Bluetooth audio capabilities and a five-speaker audio system.

Radford touts the ease of entry and exit, because the door design allows you to see the door panel extending to the roof like the original 62. There is a small suitcase at the rear. Radford provides customized suitcases, which are very suitable for small-sized spaces. Because this is a passenger car, each owner can customize it according to his own wishes. Only 62 vehicles will be built, and the first delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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