Although we have not really gotten rid of the global pandemic, with the use of vaccines, the situation has improved, and we are beginning to see a comeback in car incidents.Just a few weeks ago, we also Pebble Beach Competition with Woodward Dream Cruise. Last weekend, Radwood held the only Midwestern Auto show For cars from the 1980s and 1990s, truck And more.You really drove with his 1999 Mitian Accept fully tubular fares and bring you delicious food.

The show was held at the top of a parking lot near the Soldier Field. Despite the scorching sun and heat, the turnout rate was still high and the vehicle selection was very diverse.There are some examples of perfect cars almost disappearing, such as the second generation Chrysler Cordoba and Mitsubishi Galant Sigma. There are a large number of modified machines, such as some elaborate mini trucks and adjusted Japanese cars. There are many things in between.

Although this gallery does not capture every car in the exhibition, it does provide a good display sample. So open your favorite new wave, rock or skapunk music, and flip through the gallery above.

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