Rapid KL launches bus service city ​​jump New, it will take you on a tour of interesting places around the light rail station. Considered “the easiest way to visit attractions around Kuala Lumpur, there are currently two pilot routes under implementation until 30 April 2022.

For the CH01 line from LRT Gombak to Zoo Negara, it will also stop at Melawati Mall and KL East Mall before reaching Zoo Negara. Return buses to the LRT station will stop opposite Zoo Negara, opposite Melawati Mall (Taman Permata) and opposite KL East Mall (Satay Samuri).

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As for the CH02 Pasar Seni-Tasik Perdana route, it has seven stops which are Taman Perdana Stall, Taman Rama-Rama, Taman Burung, Tun Abdul Razak Memorial, Police Museum, National Mosque and KTM Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.The bus will Gate B At Pasar Seni MRT station.

According to Rapid KL, City Hop buses depart from the LRT station 10 times a day, every hour from 8.30am.Currently, a promotional fare of RM1 has been launched, which can be paid by card touch and go. However, all Rapid KL Unlimited Travel Passes (MyCity, My50, Keluarga Malaysia) and discounts cannot be used for this City Hop bus service.

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