In the 2021 NFL Draft, 10 quarterbacks were selected. They all made their professional debuts in the first week of the preseason, and more than half of them played well.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, because five of them are first-round picks with impressive pedigrees. The other five received the expected larger lumps, with the last QB being the most prominent.

From the Jaguars’ first overall pick Trevor Lawrence to the Colts’ sixth-round draft pick Sam Elinger, we’re based on what we’ve seen from Thursday to Sunday from the league’s greenest passers. score.

NFL rookie quarterback results

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1. Justin Fields, Bears (11th overall)

grade: A | Statistical data: 20 passes, 14 times, 142 yards, 7.1 yards per attempt, TD, 106.7 pass score; 5 sprints, 33 yards, TD

There are “Dream Realms” games-and then “Dream Realms” games. Since Fields was defeated by the Bears in April, fans have been talking about him as the long-awaited true QB savior. In his first live game, he did his best to live up to the absurd hype. Fields started where he left at Ohio State University, where he made keen throws, wise decisions, and fast runs when needed. Maturity and leadership can also improve offensive capabilities, which is an important asset that attempts to replace Andy Dalton as QB1.

Mattnaghi has done his best to say that Fields will start his career as a substitute. Dalton has a pretty good camp in Bill Lazor’s system. But Fields provided the veteran with energy, talent and advantages that the veteran could not match. With work in 2021 approaching, Najib needs to make bolder—not older—and smarter choices.

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2. Zach Wilson, Jets (No. 2 overall)

Grade: A- | Statistical data: 6 of 9 passes, 63 yards, 7.0 yards each attempt, passing score 86.8

When Fields performed well in the game against the Dolphins on Saturday afternoon, the most immediate reaction was to try to question every team, starting with the second overall pick. This is unfair to Wilson. He showed in the game against the Giants why the Jets are obsessed with him because he is very suitable for Mike Lafleur’s offense.

Wilson didn’t play long, and when he was on the court, the Jets were under a lot of pressure. However, when asked to pitch, he showed good connections with the team’s new top wide receivers Corey Davis and Kieran Cole. Wilson moved very well, did not let any pressure on him, his pitching rhythm was very fast. Just like LaFleur’s former club Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers rookie Trey Lance, Wilson will benefit from a balanced system, a strong support lineup and based on his actions The outstanding performance of passers and base runners tailored games.

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3. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars (ranked first overall)

grade: B+ | Statistics: 9 passes, 6 times, 71 yards, 7.9 yards per attempt, 2 sacks, 90.5 passes scored

Fields and Wilson are more inspiring than Lawrence because they know what kind of coaching and staff support they will receive as rookies. Lawrence recovered from a big inner bag in the first game against the Browns. He pulled the shorter pitch outside and dropped a beautiful deep ball in the middle. Lawrence hopes that some unstable protections and conservative scripts will not restrict him too much in critical situations in the regular season.

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4. Trey Lance, 49ers (ranked 3rd overall)

  • grade: B+ | Statistical data: 14 passes, 5 times, 128 yards, 9.1 yards per attempt, TD, 4 sacks, 93.7 pass ratings

Lance missed a lot of passes and showed his nervousness when he was conceded four times by the Chiefs’ defense. But he also has the best pass highlight of any rookie QB. His 80-yard TD pass opened his second series to relieve Jimmy Gallopolo’s pressure. Shanahan has seen more flashes of Lance’s passes in the training camp, you can bet that the 49ers did not provide him with a real game plan, which is obvious when Lance has no chance to run.

The 49ers were looking for an infinite body limit when they were traded for Reims. They had reason to believe that they had made the right decision early on, and they knew what the 21-year-old could do without the help of the personnel of the 49ers offensive chief who could reach his potential.

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5. Mike Jones, Patriots (15th overall)

grade: B+ | Statistical data: 19 passes 13 times, 87 yards, 4.6 yards per attempt, sack, 78.2 pass rating

Jones is known for his confidence and command of Alabama’s powerful offensive. The Patriots were not built to ignite it in 2021, but they have a strong offensive line and a deep, versatile bottom line for running competition. They will also be able to mix players in groups to help Jones, and upgrade the 12-man close end (Jonu Smith and Hunter Henry) and 11 (Nelson Agholler and Kendrick Byrne) perimeter. Between possession.

Jones dunks and dunks naturally, throwing shorter passes at running backs and others when Smith was absent and Henry was not on the court. He also showed excellent touch ability on the deep ball in the lower left corner of the end zone that should have been caught. The Patriots will continue to keep Jones in a position where he does not need to hold the ball for too long, and will not force those who are not on the court.

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6. Sam Ehlinger, Colts (218th overall)

  • grade: B+ | Statistical data: 15 passes, 10 times, 155 yards, 10.3 yards per attempt, INT, 72.9 pass score; 8 sprints for 30 yards

Ehlinger’s ballad in the NFL started with a loud noise. The Colts are satisfied with Carson Wentz’s start to Frank Reich in the first week, but they have to feel better because Eringer provides them with more offense than sophomore Jacob Ethan. Like the backup. Eringer is an inspiring organizer who led the team to a complete victory against the Panthers, fearless in pitching and starting. He showed the necessary resilience and proved that he can do more than Ethan to supplement Reich’s re-running offense.

7. Ian Booker, Saints (No. 133 overall)

  • grade: B-| Statistical data: 16 passes, 9 times, 126 yards, 7.9 yards per attempt, INT, sacks, 55.7 pass rating

For New Orleans, Book is a surprising fourth-round player, a development option for the bench, and the team is sorting out how to use the combination of Jermaes Winston and Tyson Hill to start. Notre Dame’s product performed best in the first pass of his career, completing a 35-yard game in the 7th and 16th passes of the Saints. He didn’t complete a rally like Ehlinger, but he did seem to be a good fit for Sean Payton’s offense.

8. Karen Mond, Vikings (66th overall)

  • grade: C | Statistical data: 16 passes 6 times, 53 yards passed, 3.3 yards per attempt, 47.1 pass score; 5 sprints 25 yards)

The third round player Mond of Texas A&M University was quite wild in his debut. But considering that he tested positive for COVID-19, he is not expected to play after missing some training camp time. Head coach Mike Zimmer was not happy about Mond’s performance against the Broncos in the first game. Mond struggled the most with the speed of the game and focused on passing the ball too much, even with limited gains. He uses his running as a crutch related to this. Kirk Cousins ​​can rest assured that he will not be challenged anytime soon.

9. Davis Mills, Texan (67th overall)

  • grade: C- | Statistical data: 22 passes 11 times, 112 yards, 5.1 yards per attempt, INT, sack, 46.0 pass rating

Mills is most praised by coaches and teammates for his mental toughness, he can forget negative games and focus on the next game. Stanford’s product did the two scoring drives he needed, but he was unstable in the face of difficult passing sprints. Typical mistakes were related to decision errors and inaccuracies. Mills needs a lot of development time to confirm that Taylor Taylor is the only substitute player for the Texans in 2021.

10. Kyle Trask, Pirates (64th overall)

grade: D | Statistical data: 15 passes 4 times, 35 yards, 2.3 yards per attempt, 2 sacks, 39.6 passes scored

Trask, a second-round player from Florida, appears to be an unofficial student of Tom Brady. He is confident in his pocket and arm strength and can complete all his shots. Unfortunately, because Trask received a serious warning about the speed of the NFL from the Bengals’ defense, he did not execute it. Trask has never felt comfortable, but despite his high draft rate, he has no pressure to rush to take perfect action. Brady is Brady and has a reliable veteran substitute Brian Garbert.


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