In response to the coronavirus pandemic The European Commission has launched a recovery plan for the EU economy. One of the largest programs in this plan, worth EUR 50.6 billion, there is REACT-EU. The funds are to go to, among others for investments in digitization and ecology, in infrastructure and services (e.g. healthcare, tourism) as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the EC has not found any new funds in the EU budgetthat could go to EU countries that accept millions of refugees from Ukraine. EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, in charge of the budget, at the meeting of the European Parliament’s budget committee, said that he did not think that within the current budget it was possible to create such an instrument that would be a sufficient response to the current refugee crisis related to the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, the EC proposes that they spent part of the funds allocated to REACT-EU countries on helping refugees.

On Thursday, the European Commission announced that approved investments of over EUR 31 million for four Polish regions “to strengthen their economy and health and social infrastructure”, as well as funds “to accommodate people fleeing the war in Ukraine.”

The Śląskie Voivodeship will receive EUR 12 million on improving the digitization of the region, increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and developing a low-carbon economy.

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship will receive over EUR 3 million to support local authorities and non-governmental organizations for projects related to the adaptation of the existing infrastructure in order to provide people fleeing the war in Ukraine with appropriate conditions, including social and living conditions “.

Almost EUR 16 million will go to the Lubelskie Voivodeship for interventions in the field of green energy production, digitization and energy efficiency of buildings in the health sector.

Podkarpackie voivodeship will receive EUR 10 million for renewable energy projects, to support thermal insulation and modernization of mountain rescue services buildings, and to support refugees from Ukraine by investing in sheltered housing.

From March, the EC paid out to member states 3.5 billion euro in advance payments under REACT-EU.