Detroit– General Motors Yes Memories Over 400,000 Pickup trucks Because of one side in the U.S. airbag It may explode without warning and spray parts into the cabin.

The recall covers certain 2015 and 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and Jim Cisella 1500, 2500, with 3500 truck.

A document issued by the U.S. safety regulator on Friday stated that the airbag inflator may break or the end caps may fly out from both sides truckThe documents stated that three Silverados inflators broke in 2015, one in Florida and two in Texas.There were no people in the three trucks at the time, and General Motors Said it had no reports of injuries.

The dealer will replace the airbag modules on both sides. The company stated that the number of replacement parts is limited. Starting on August 16th, owners will receive a notification and they will receive a second letter when the parts are widely available.

Approximately 9,000 trucks were recalled for the same problem last year.

The company stated that manufacturing defects allowed gas from the manufacturing process to enter the inflator, causing corrosion.The inflator was manufactured by Mexico’s Joyson Safety Systems, which took over Takada.

As early as April, Silverado and Sierra were among nearly 750,000 GM vehicles. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Investigation Non-deploying driver’s side airbagThe investigation is ongoing.

Takata is responsible for the world’s largest recall Car history, Covering about 100 million inflators from 19 major automakers in the world, including about 67 million inflators in the United States. Nineteen people died in the U.S. Be attributed to Takata inflator.

Of the 67 million inflators recalled in the United States, only about 50 million have been recalled. It’s fixed. This latest recall is a good reminder Visit the NHTSA recall website and enter the VIN of your car. Millions of recalled vehicles still pose a threat to their owners. Yours may be one of them.


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