The number of men enrolled in two- and four-year universities lags behind women at a record level. Wall Street Journal report.

According to statistics, in the 2020-21 school year, women accounted for 59.5% of college students, a record high, while men accounted for 40.5%. Registration data From the National Student Information Exchange, a non-profit research organization. Compared with five years ago, the number of students in American colleges and universities has fallen by 1.5 million, of which 71% are men. From 2022-22, there are also more women than men applying to universities-3,805,978, compared to 2,815,810. According to data from Common Application, this is nearly a percentage point higher than the gap in the previous school year. (This paragraph has been updated to include a link to the original source.)

The difference in enrollment is part of the widening education gap for 40 years. Magazine report. Douglas Shapiro, executive director of the National Student Information Clearinghouse Research Center, said that if this trend continues, in the next few years, every man will have two women earning a college degree. Magazine.

According to the Pell Institute’s analysis of census data, the enrollment of different races looks different. The enrollment rate of poor and working-class white men is lower than that of young black, Latino, and Asian men from the same economic background. Magazine.

The report was released at the beginning of the women’s university Trying to stand out among future studentsAccording to data from the Research Center of the National Student Information Exchange Center, more than 10 million women will be enrolled in a university in the spring of 2022.

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