Redarc, an automotive electronics expert, is well-known for his homeland Australia. It builds power stations for everything from RVs to mining equipment, and is popular with people on land for its ability to provide electricity when venturing in inland area. To prove what they can do for American adventurers, Redarc tricked a 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road.

Redarc’s store Demo vehicle Down Under has traditionally been heavily modified Toyota Hilux Pickup truck Not for sale here.While at the same time Tacoma Mainly a North American phenomenon, the construction of Redarc brings an Australian-style off-road taste to Toyota mid-size cars.

On the one hand, it completely eliminated the pickup bed and replaced it with an aluminum tray and canopy. In Australia, “tray” refers to a flat surface that replaces things placed behind the cab at the Toyota factory, and “canopy” refers to a closed box on top of it.

Inside that canopy sits dual auxiliary 120Ah lithium batteries Battery Managed by Redarc Manager30 system. This allows the battery to be charged via Tacoma’s own alternator, rooftop solar panels, or shore/AC power. The stored electricity is used to power the introduced refrigerators, air compressors and 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverters, which are converted into 110 volt AC power suitable for laptop computers, coffee machines and other household appliances.

All this is controlled by Redarc’s RedVision management system.this colour The display and smartphone apps allow you to turn on or off every device on the system, while also allowing you to monitor power consumption levels, temperature, and water levels.

Under the hood is another dual battery system that powers the Tacoma itself and all 12-volt equipment (such as auxiliary lighting) associated with it. A 25A BCDC car battery charger and smart battery isolator allow the battery under the hood to be charged by solar energy when needed, or it can use an auxiliary system to jump start the car battery.

Naturally, Redarc equips Tacoma with all the standard landing hardware to ensure that the rig can be far enough away from the network, you may need all the battery power.under truck Is a 1.5 inch lift kit with rear airbag, And TRD off-road wheels are equipped with Falken WildPeak AT3 265/75R16 tires. To get rid of the furry situation, there is a warning winch, a CBI concealed front bumper and an ARB recovery kit. The Front Runner roof rack with roof tent means you will have a place to sleep while being surrounded by all modern conveniences.

As you might expect, the ability to bring your entire office into the wasteland is not cheap. All Redarc items on the truck cost more than $4,000, not including suspensions, tires, pallets, canopies and tents.

Redarc Tacoma will make its debut at the Land Expo in Colorado later this month.From there, it will visit two other land fairs before arriving Architecture November.

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