The cat incident happened in June 2021. The animal showed up to the staff five times in one lesson given by a teacher named Luo. The online science management company found this a breach of the rules and reported it as a reason for dismissing a woman from her job.

Luo appealed against this decision to an employment tribunalwho ordered the company to pay the teacher compensation for unlawful termination of the contract. The company disagreed with this ruling and filed a complaint with a civil court, explained the daily “Guangzhou Ribao”.

In front of a court in Cantonese Tianhe, the company argued that during lessons, Luo was involved in non-teaching activities. However, the court found that even in the presence of the cat, the teacher did not interrupt the lesson and admitted her compensation in the amount of PLN 41.2 thousand yuan (PLN 28.2 thousand).

Judge Liao Yajing judged that if a company assigns an employee to work remotely, it cannot have exactly the same expectations of him as in the case of working in an office. Liao stressed that the rules and regulations introduced by the employer must not only be legal, but also “fair and reasonable” – reported “Guangzhou Ribao”.