In the women’s gymnastics all-around competition entering the 2022 Tokyo Olympics, the US team is very hopeful to take home the gold medal. After all, since Romania’s Andreea Raducan won the highest honor in 2000, the country has not lost an all-around gold medal at the Olympics.

Carly Patterson started the U.S. team’s consecutive hits in 2004. Since then, Nastia Liukin, Gaby Douglas and Simone Byers have continued to maintain this momentum.

Byers is expected to win this event again at the 2022 Olympics. Since 2013, she has not lost an all-around game, and the 24-year-old player won the first place in the all-around final. It looks like she has a chance to keep winning streak.

However, Byers did not participate in this event. Due to medical issues, she withdrew from the US women’s team finals.The U.S. team subsequently announced that she Not participating in the all-around finals “To pay attention to her mental health.”

With the departure of Byers, the United States will rely on two women to complete this work. Li Suni, 18 years old, won the third place in the all-around match. She is a star on the uneven bars and trailed Byers by less than 0.6 points in qualifying with a score of 57.166.

At the same time, Byers will be in the lineup by Yu KellyThe 21-year-old player finished ninth in qualifying, but given the “two per country” rule used in Olympic gymnastics, he has not competed before. Now, vaulting and flooring experts will have a chance to compete for the gold medal after finishing in the top 20 in three of the four events during qualifying.

Byers is not the only North American star not participating in the all-around competition. Canada’s Allie Black also withdrew from the game due to an ankle injury. Black ranked 24th with a total score of 53.699. Canada will not have an all-round final participant, and Black will not be able to act.

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Results of live Olympic gymnastics, wonderful moments of women’s all-around finals

6:58 am — She came to Suni Lee on the vault. She posted a landing spot on it. For the 18-year-old, this is a very good start, because she got a score of 14.600 on the vaulting horse, which is arguably her weakest competition.

6:55 am — The broadcast shows well that this is the third day of the women’s competition in the team finals of the past five games. If these contestants and top players have any fatigue, it may benefit individual gymnasts, such as Jed Carey who did not participate in team competitions.

6:53 am — Okay, let’s start. The gymnast is warming up, and Li Suni will become the first American to participate in the vaulting competition.

6:47 am — We are about to start. This is the highlights of Jade Carey released by the US team to cheer you up.

6:35 am — There are only 15 minutes left until the event officially starts. It is scheduled to start at 6:50 AM Eastern Time or 7:50 PM Tokyo Time.

6:31 am — Lieke Wevers from the Netherlands replaced Canadian Ellie Black who had to retire due to an ankle injury. The 29-year-old Weavers scored 53.365 in qualifying, ranked 32nd in the competition, and did not exceed 23rd in any single event.

6:28 in the morning— The two contestants of the US team will be divided into groups of six gymnasts, including most of the strongest competitions they have participated in. Rebeca Andrade of Brazil finished second in qualifying; Nina Derwael of Belgium was the only gymnast to beat Suni Lee on uneven bars in qualifying. Of course, Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urazova are the main members of the ROC gold medal team.

6:21 am — The rotation order is Thursday’s game. Suni Lee and Jade Carey will start with a horse vault. Kelly ranked second in the all-around qualifying, second only to Rebecca Andrade, so she will have a chance to make a strong start.

6:10 in the morning — If you need a reason to be excited about today’s event, the US team shared Suni Lee’s incredible slow-motion footage on the uneven bars, which is her best event.

How to watch Olympic gymnastics in the United States

  • time: 6 a.m. EST
  • TV channel: NBC (United States) | CBC (Canada)
  • live: Peacock,, NBC Sports App, Fubo TV

Reports on the women’s team finals will begin at 6 a.m. Eastern Time. It will mainly be broadcast on NBC’s free streaming app Peacock. The app will also allow users to watch again after the incident. NBC will also provide a tape-delayed TV broadcast of the event during prime time for those who cannot watch the early morning report.

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2022 Olympic gymnastics schedule

The attention of Olympic gymnasts has turned to individual events, and the book records team competitions. After the all-around finals, the US team will look forward to the individual event finals to be held from August 1st to 3rd. Currently, Suni Lee, Jade Carey and Simone Biles will participate in all individual events, but with the uncertainty of Biles’ status, this situation may change.

Most events will be broadcast on Peacock, CNBC and the United States, but those who wish to watch some events during prime time are lucky. NBC will replay gymnastics matches most nights, focusing on the women’s team.

date event Time (ET) channel
Thursday, July 29 Everything for women 6-11 am Peacock
Thursday, July 29 Women’s Trampoline Final 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. NBC Finance Channel
Friday, July 30 Women’s Trampoline Final 2-4 in the morning NBC Finance Channel
Friday, July 30 Men’s Trampoline Final 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. NBC Finance Channel
Saturday, July 31 Men’s Trampoline Final 2-4 in the morning NBC Finance Channel
Sunday, August 1st Tournament finals 4-11 am Peacock
Monday, August 2 Tournament finals 4-11 am Peacock
Tuesday, August 3 Tournament finals 4-11 am Peacock
Thursday, August 5 Rhythmic individual qualifying 8 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. NBC Finance Channel
Friday, August 6 Rhythm Group Qualifying 9pm to 12:30am U.S
Saturday, August 7 Rhythm Finals 6-11:30 pm U.S

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