I think these are quite new, at least we don’t have one in Slovenia yet. Revlon is a long-neglected brand for me, but since I tried several products last year, it has quickly become one of my favorite brands (according to the contents of my makeup drawer, and Maybelline) , Especially me, I am a big fan of their lip products. This is very unique to the type of product I have tried, because usually similar products are completely opaque.

texture: This is a translucent mousse-like formula, starting from a creamy surface, it will become matte over time. Because it is translucent and mine is one of the darker shades, if you really don’t spend some extra time applying it, it will look uneven, but I actually found a way to just Apply a layer on the lower lip and they “crushed” my lips to evenly distribute the color, and I get a beautiful matte dyed red lips that looks good. It feels very light on the lips and once it dries, it does not feel like a firm layer.

shadow: The cherry on the cloud is a warm neutral red.

Staying Power: This part disappoints me a bit, because, ironically, Revlon’s lip color is the most durable (their Colorstay overtime), but although it is red, it disappears within a few hours, while other lipsticks tend to smudge and last longer. Although it is matte and anti-transfer, it does not survive the diet well.

Price and availability: I bought mine on Look Fantastic for £5.35.

I like the matte dyeing effect it produces because it is a good and subtle way to wear red. However, I just hope the staying power is better.Their Kiss pad It can also be used as a stain, it lasts longer and feels very gentle on the lips, but not matte. Crimson Feels is a similar red, on my wish list.


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