Rice University Announce Last week, due to the Delta variant, the courses for the first two weeks of the semester will be conducted online. It cited the high mutation rates of Rice and Houston.

Now the university says it insists on two-week online courses, but its data on Rice is incorrect. A statement Executive Vice President Kevin E. Kirby explained: “In the past 9 days, we have conducted approximately 4,500 tests. Initial results for this period showed 81 positive results, of which approximately half occurred within one day on Thursday. The 2% positive rate is much lower than the surrounding communities. (The average test rate for the Texas Medical Center in the past week was about 15%, while the positive rate for the entire city of Houston was more than 20%.) But for Rice, 2 The percentage rate will be significantly higher than our historical positive rate of 0.24% when we conducted approximately 150,000 tests last year.”

He continued: “When we checked the results a few days ago, we suspected that there was a problem. These results seemed incorrect for a variety of reasons: more than 90% of positive infections came from a single test provider; three-quarters of positive tests came from People who have not reported any symptoms; positive results are widely dispersed in various groups of our population, and only one potential cluster seems more likely to be related to their proximity to a specific test site; more than 90% of reported infection cases have fully vaccinated People. Then we looked at the detailed data and noticed some very unusual patterns in the results, which indicated that there may be problems with the test provider, rather than a broader campus outbreak. When we consulted the vendors, we learned about them Starting to use a protocol that is different from the protocol previously used in Rice, leading to significant differences in the way the test results are determined. This change in the test protocol has not been disclosed to Rice. We ask them to immediately revert to their previous test protocol, they have already We did this. Then we retested about 50 people who initially tested positive. Each of them was tested twice with two different test providers on two different days, except for one , All tests were negative. Based on the abnormality and two subsequent negative tests from other providers, we concluded that these people who were previously considered positive were actually negative, so they were removed from isolation. Those who tested positive People are still in isolation.”

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