Sky passing The US Spaceport in Las Cruces, New Mexico was lit by lightning last night.The storm was strong enough to postpone Virgin Galactic’s plan to launch its twin airship mothership eve And a space vehicle called VSS Unite, From their hangar.The delay means the departure of the scheduled flight today, which will dispatch a crew member Unite At 50 miles above the earth, it will be delayed by 90 minutes.

But no matter what-Richard Branson still has enough time to defeat Jeff Bezos into outer space.

he made it. At 9:25 a.m. Eastern Time, about 45 minutes after the delay time took off from the spaceport, the duo’s spacecraft components, UniteAnd get ready to get rid of eveBranson and five of his colleagues—two pilots and three other mission experts—are all on board. Branson had a smile on his face, waiting for the rocket engine to fire. Then fire spewed from the vehicle, and in less than two minutes, it reached height. Branson is on the edge of space, about 80 kilometers. Fifteen minutes later, Branson and his crew returned to Earth, ready to talk about how Virgin Galactic will provide the same experience to anyone willing to pay around $250,000. Hundreds are already on the waiting list.

Branson is the king of spectacles, so it’s no surprise that the conference feels like a holiday. In the hours before the release, Branson’s Twitter and his colleagues’ Twitter were filled with wonderful videos depicting the hero’s journey. We saw him riding a bicycle to the spaceport-transatlantic? ——Compliments to the crew who have been wearing custom designs Under Armour set“You are late!” They told him. “Fit!”

The longer version of the video shows them signing the log, and Branson claims to be Astronaut 001. The CEO of Virgin Galactic posted a photo welcoming the observer-Elon Musk. When Branson walked to the launch pad, cheering audiences were all around him. He paused his fist for a stroll and signed some souvenirs provided by children. The live broadcast itself was co-hosted by Stephen Colbert. Waiting on the wing is Khalid, who wrote a song “The New Normal” that will be unveiled at the end of the ride.

The only disappointment is that the live broadcast of the king of media in the space capsule failed during the two-minute actual space travel. The audience could not see Branson and the crew spinning in the happiness of weightlessness. (The closest we got was waving a lot of pixelated limbs for about three seconds.) We also didn’t hear the British entrepreneur hear his voice as he escaped from gravity. “We will definitely capture his magical words and share them with the world when they are available,” a Virgin commentator said in a live broadcast.

Hidden behind today’s Virgin Galactic flight is some less intense and vague competition among billionaires. After the successful manned test flight in May, Virgin Galactic plans to conduct three more test flights this year, the second of which is Branson.But after Bezos announced As he will be one of the passengers on Blue Origin’s first manned flight, Branson hastily changed the schedule of the Virgin flight. Unite The flight will resume on July 11, which is the fastest turnover the company has achieved. Branson will be on board, and there will be a cabin full of his employees. In addition to personal risks, there is also a financial risk: Virgin Galactic became a listed company by merging with an existing company on the stock exchange at the end of 2019. In terms of stock price, an unsuccessful flight will surprise the dog.


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