Richard Hannon is making progress after his father won the fourth victory of the Weatherbys Super Sprint through Gubbas in Newbury.

Richard retired with seven victories in the game, and the weight of one of the two-year-olds depended on how much they spent on sales-which highlighted his knack for finding bargains.

It turns out that the apple did not fall from the tree, because 12 months have passed since the happy and romantic victory 12 months ago — this time he came back with the same card to win the Hackwood Championship — Hannon’s release may be A potentially bright teenager.

Hannon won his debut in Leicester. He decided to skip the Royal Ascot Race Club. The result was rewarded. He scored 4-1 to Sean Levy to win a stable symphony perfect half. .

Delmona finished third, Guilded finished fourth, and Adnaan finished fifth with a 100-1 chance.

“We have always liked him, we did not go to Ascot because he is growing up-but he is a very good horse,” Hannon said.

“His father (Mehmas) has very good horses, but what I am worried about today is lack of experience. I thought he would get eighth in the middle. But his class let him pass. The pony also ran very well. Two.

“He might go to Richmond in Goodwood now, and I also put him in Gimcrack.

“He just didn’t perform well before the Ascot race, and he worked moderately. If he didn’t perform well, then there is no point in participating in the Ascot Jockey Club, and this race came at the right time for Goodwood. .

“There is no doubt that he is a very good two-year-old, and only time will tell if he is more than that. He may go further, because the farther he goes, the better his performance.”

Hannon, who recently won the first group of the Falmouth Championship, added: “These weeks have been very good, but days like today are of the utmost importance to everyone.

“Games like this, for the smaller owners, this is their day, and it is very important for them to spend their day. Everyone has space.”


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