As Jay-Z once said in 2008, “Rihanna,Where are you? “But we mean the best way. Singer-songwriter and founder Fendi Beauty Recently, she has not given her fans too much time to face each other directly.She recently showed us her on Instagram Elf Scissor, But other than that, she didn’t really release the selfie content her navy wanted. In fact, according to our statistics, it has been a year and a half, which is too long for her fans (including us).But when you are one of the most famous musicians in the world and Run a beloved beauty brand and It is difficult to squeeze some selfie time when operating underwear series at once.

On Wednesday, July 28, RiRi recovered from her selfie interruption for nearly two years and provided her fans with a new selfie via Instagram. In the photo, she is wearing a black hat and T-shirt, long tousled hair, sunglasses and some gold necklaces, and she nods slightly towards the camera.She looks absolutely amazing here as usual, but in our opinion, her nail What stole the show.

If you look closely at her manicure, you will find that her red French pinky is similar to a flame, which matches perfectly with the red flame on the letters of the shirt. She didn’t label the manicurist, but whoever painted her technique flawlessly shattered it. Salute to you, no matter who you are.

When you are wearing a shirt with the words “Bitch Thug” (and yelling) Real housewife), it is natural to take the most confident selfie, and RiRi does it. The beauty of celebrities usually doesn’t last long, but for us, RiRi, can you make these nails last for a while? We want close-ups, statistics.

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