Before each year Geneva Motor Show, We released some peculiar but well-thought-out concepts from Swiss companies speed It will make its debut in the city by the lake. The fact is, these fantastic Geneva jewelry are not new. The founder of the company, Frank Rinderknecht, has been studying them since he founded the company in 1977, when they were much less conceptual. Take this, Gooding Company is auctioning Rinspeed 969. In the next month Monterrey Car week.Despite its appearance, the coupe predates Ferrari Tarosa.according to History written by silverstone auctions For another 969 sold in 2018, Rinspeed started manufacturing these strollers as early as 1982. Ferrari did not give in until 1984. The origin of the name is a mystery; Porsche The development of the 959 began in 1981, but the super coupe of the 1980s did not make its debut until 1985. In 1985, an American car owner bought the car and its brother R69 from Rinderknecht’s company.

It was originally a Porsche 930 turbocharged engine in 1984. After oblique nose treatment, it put the 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine in a four-speed manual transmission under its whale story. Except for the interior and the white body, almost everything was thrown into the trash can. The body splayed outward on the rear wheels, replacing the rear spoiler with a roof spoiler and a flat deck. A Porsche 944 donated its pop-up headlights and taillights. The wheels are 15-inch Gotti split rim alloys with very deep front and rear. The stitched two-tone leather covers almost everything inside, and the deeply supported and adjustable Recaros is also embossed with the Rinspeed cheetah logo. The four-layer Pioneer stereo in the center console can be controlled by a custom button located in the center of the steering wheel. This is a feature that any other 969 that we can find on the Internet does not have. But 969 and its brother R69 only produced about 12 cars, so this is credible.

Later Rinspeed R69 Get rid of the side panels and adopt a cleaner body, and sit on the BBS RS wheels. One of them is said to have found a home in the garage of American singer Lionel Richie.

The original owner kept the 969 for 36 years, timing less than 10,000 miles. This one comes with all documents, manuals, and records, and the pre-sale estimate is US$125,000 to US$150,000.This is much higher than the price of $83,764 Another 969 sold in the UK In April of this year, Gooding & Co.’s examples are being sold without reservation, so this 1980s Swiss-style monument will find a new home.

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