Racing game news this week:

“Rocket League” is bringing back fans’ favorite vehicles such as the Ford F-150 RLE for its summer events

Earlier this week, the “Rocket League” Announce summer road trip activities Including a number of fans’ favorite cars returning to the item store and a classic game mode re-added to the rotation. The event started on July 1 and will continue throughout the month.The first vehicle to return will be Ford F-150, Re-released on July 5th as part of the “Red, White, and Boom Bundle.” This bundle is the same as most other bundles that will be launched this month, including cars, decals, wheels, boosters, player banners, and more. The KITT bundle will return to the game on July 8th, back to the future DeLorraine Bundled on July 15 and Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler Bundled on July 22. In addition to the return cars that must be purchased from the item store, free game modes for event return include 2v2 Heatseeker, Beach Ball, Dropshot Rumble and Rocket Labs Loophole.

Road movie racing game “Out of the Road” announced to be released in 2022

If you have been looking for a new racing game, a game that really belongs to the left-wing field, then this may be your best choice. GT Planet reported the announcement of the upcoming racer Earlier this week, we cannot say that we have seen anything similar. It is called “Going Out”, it has a completely black and white beauty, and the animation is between the “Borderland” series and animated cartoons. As far as we know, this story will allow the player to act as a desperado across the United States. [a] Role creator and resource manager. “As the release date approaches, we are happy to learn more, but until then, we will have to be satisfied with watching the trailer over and over again. This is what you can do below.

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