So far, Marvel’s Disney+ The show has always been snacks. Amuse-bouches allows fans to stay in the movie world between their trips to the cinema. These shows are usually also a way of tying loose endings and letting beloved characters perform side tasks.in Wanda Vision, Wanda Maximov began a life of imagination and vision after his death Avengers: Infinity War. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It’s about Sam Wilson taking over the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers gave him the shield End Game. Rocky Is to show what happened when the god of mischief took off with the universe cube End GameIt didn’t—on the contrary, it turned all these loose ends into a frayed knot.

But wait, this jumped too far.First of all, the good news is: in the middle credit scenario on Wednesday Rocky At the end of the season, Marvel announced, yes, “Rocky will return in season 2.” So far, this is unprecedented.Disney+Yes Has not been updated Any other Marvel series. It also left many open and compelling questions, including but not limited to, which one Rocky or Rockies Will return in the second season and/or other MCU movies. Considering that the renewal message was delivered via a message in Loki Laufeyson’s Time Variance Authority (TVA) document, Loki of Hiddleston must be back.The fate of others, including Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie and Favorite crocodile on the internet, It remains to be seen. Rocky Just blow up the timeline of the Marvel Multiverse.

This is probably part of Kevin Fitch’s master plan.like RockyThe guardian of time, Marvel honcho ensures that the MCU keeps ticking and that all movies and shows work together. But as the ending on Wednesday showed, sometimes even puppet masters need to be replaced. (Spoiler warning: Details from Rocky The finale of the next season. ) At the end of the episode, Sylvie and Loki had a heartbreaking duel and then killed the people who remained (Lovecraft CountryJonathan Majors), the so-called mastermind of the TVA she has been looking for all season, and the man called Kang the Conqueror by comic fans.like Se7enJohn Doe, The survivors manipulated Sylvie to distrust Loki and stabbed him, thus releasing multiple timelines. Among them, there is a more evil, more warlord Kang, ready to wreak havoc.

My colleague Adam Rogers likes to warn “This will end in tears. “All these time-critical multiverse content can only end with “epic violent catastrophic pendulum swings.” He is right, of course. (I have to say; Adam is taller than me. It’s not that he will do something fierce. Things to prevent me from expressing my thoughts…I am fine… ::blink:: ::blink::) For me, the multiverse is a hustle and bustle. Yes, They made the nerds rack their brains to entangle which one is real or Really, But I believe in Doctor Strange. Remember the moment he gave Thanos a gem of time, because he said this was the only chance for the Avengers? It turns out (mostly) no problem. My instinct is to go with the person who has seen each timeline and selected it. If Feige says “multiverse”, why not?

In addition, the multiverse allows a lot of More side missions and weird character exploration Rocky Play like a violin. Technically speaking, Wanda Vision It happened on the main timeline of the MCU, but if Wanda did not use her magic to create another world, fans would not have more time to spend with Vision-they would never even meet the now beloved Agatha. Agatha Harkness. Rocky Gives us more Loki-in fact, dozens of them, revealing all the strange and weird forms of the character.Wrapped in it is Marvel that exists in This Timeline: The Earth in 2022. Opening the multiverse allows characters to become characters in comics-they can switch genders, or they can be of different races or sexual orientations. Yes, all these script flips will cause chaos, and it will leave more forks than a bad perm, but what I want to say is: don’t call “multiple wars” a bad thing. It sounds like gas.


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