There are many special editions Rolls Royce There are interesting details and background stories.Oops, there is one The entire Arabian Peninsula is on its hood. Or another containing Password mystery Hidden in glyphs hidden around the car? Rolls-Royce recently introduced special models that are more traditional. These models are not inferior either, because the Landspeed Collection celebrates the extraordinary career of Thunderbolt land speed racing, which is powered by twin Rolls-Royce aero engines.

Available at breaking Dawn And the ghosts in the form of black badges, limited runs (25 in the former, 35 in the latter) full of celebratory thunderbolt and famous hints Bonneville Salt MarshFor example, the crack pattern formed on the lake bed is carved into the panel in front of the front passenger. Given the brand’s preference for night sky-themed roof linings, when Thunderbolt sets its final speed to slightly less than 357.5 mph (357.497 mph for adherents), you will find the roof lining perfect You won’t be surprised if the night sky is replicated. There are many other nods — if it’s a less rare vehicle, you can call them Easter eggs — Thunder, and Captain George Aston, the designer and driver of the speed machine, throughout the Landspeed Collection cars In the cabin. This includes the driver’s door details, which is a tribute to the awards and honors he received after running.

For anyone passionate about the Rolls-Royce aviation tradition, the Thunderbolt pairing is pure catnip. Compared with other pre-war racing cars, Thunderbolt is slightly obscure, equipped with two supercharged V-12 aero engines, each 37.0 liters, with a total power of about 4,000 horsepower. As if this were not attractive enough, Thunderbolt’s large engines were not designed for military use, but designed for air competition-even setting a world airspeed record at the time. Super Ocean S.6BThese engines are rarely manufactured. According to reports, one of the Thunderbolt engines was also used in the aforementioned record-breaking S.6B.

Although dawn and ghost Very suitable to pay tribute to this long-established land speed racer, but neither model is suitable for setting any record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. If you are eager to bring your products to Bonneville anyway, can we suggest you to study some chassis primers?

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