This Rolls Royce Ghost Coupe and dawn convertible car It may not be too long for our marketBut this does not mean that they are completely ignored by their manufacturers. Actually, Rolls Royce Just released a new limited edition of this pair of fashionable shoes: Landspeed Collection.

The Landspeed Collection car pays tribute to Captain George Eyston, the speed record holder in the 1930s, who set three land speed records and finally ran at 357.497 mph in 1938 Bonneville Salt flats. The Rolls-Royce link is that Estun’s Thunderbolt is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce V12 aero engines. Each displacement is 37 liters, producing more than 2,000 horsepower.

Unlike Thunderbolt, ghost And Dawn is powered by a single V12 engine, and its output and inventory remain unchanged. Landspeed Collection Wraith and Dawn also did not use the record-breaking car’s three axles, eight wheels and large triangular tail. What a pity.

Instead, these models are based on Wraith and Dawn Black Badge. They are painted in two tones of black diamond metal and Bonneville blue (light silver blue unique to this model). Unique details include: dashboard carvings imitating the texture of salt flat cracks, Thunderbolt outline images embossed on the front channel, and special clocks with certain Thunderbolt markings. It is said that the Starlight Headliner exactly matches the appearance of the night sky on the day when the Thunderbolt final speed record was set.

Rolls-Royce will produce 35 Wraith coupes and 25 Dawn convertibles. But even if you are as fast as Captain George Aston himself, you won’t be fast enough to catch one—they are already sold out.

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