This American Federation of Auto Workers (American Federation of Auto Workers) Said on Friday that President Rory Gamble will retire at the end of June, a year before he completes his term, after guiding the union to complete a multi-year federal corruption investigation.

Gamble, 65, took over 400,000 unions from Gary Jones at the end of 2019. The latter was expelled and sentenced to 28 months in prison for embezzling union funds.

Gamble works with prosecutors to reform the union, which represents hourly workers in US automakers’ factories General Motors, Ford And Stellantis.

A UAW spokesperson said that the executive committee started meeting on Friday afternoon to discuss the appointment of Gamble’s successor.

Gamble said in a statement: “After considering the progress we have made and the best interests of UAW members in stabilizing the transfer of power, now is the right time for me to hand over the reins, adding that he originally planned to retire at this time. Was appointed president.

UAW did not ask Gamble to comment further.

During Gamble’s presidency, the union agreed to independently monitor to resolve a five-year federal corruption investigation in which Jones and his predecessor Dennis Williams pleaded guilty.

The Detroit U.S. Attorney’s Office, which led the corruption investigation, declined to comment on Gamble’s retirement.

As the industry shifted, Gamble also worked hard to protect the interests of union workers. electric car, Which requires fewer parts to build and puts UAW work at risk. The union encourages lawmakers to modify the federal tax incentives for electric vehicles in order to require American rallies.

Many UAW auto workers make a living by building the Detroit brand and burning oil Pickup trucks And SUV or assembling engine and other parts.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said in a statement: “He (Gamble) is a tough but fair leader who cares deeply about the industry and Ford, and demonstrated his commitment to his UAW colleagues.

Under Gamble’s leadership, the union also promoted General Motors And Ford allowed UAW to represent the workers of the joint venture electric battery plant planned by the automaker. The U.S. Auto Workers Union has also been criticizing U.S. automakers’ plans to promote manufacturing in Mexico because Mexican workers’ wages are much lower.

“He led the union through challenging and unprecedented times, including the global pandemic,” Stellatis Americas CEO Mike Manley said of Gamble.

Possible successors to Gamble include Ray Curry, Secretary of the Auto Workers Union and Secretary of the Treasury, and Vice Presidents Cindy Estrada and Terry Dittes, who lead the Stellattis and GM divisions, respectively.

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