according to Ford authorityAccording to sources, Ford is re-adjusting the product’s drivetrain for the upcoming model year.First of all, the Rumor has it that 2022 Ford Edge Only all-wheel drive.Now four out of five edge The interior — SE, SEL, ST-Line, and Titanium — comes standard with front-wheel drive, and the addition of all-wheel drive costs $1,995. Edge ST is currently the only interior that includes all-wheel drive standards. If this is indeed the case, the question is whether Ford will fix the current retail price of AWD to the 2022 Edge. Assuming everything else remains the same, this will make the 2022 Edge start at $35,990 instead of $33,995. The 2022 Edge Titanium will start at $42,180 instead of $40.185.

This move will allow 2022 Edge to join the Escape-based Mustang Sports And ranger-based Mustang As the only model in the Ford product line that cannot drive a single axle.

In terms of SUVs, the source also told Ford Authority Explorer ST The same trick will be performed in reverse. Unlike the current AWD standard, 2022 Explorer ST will make rear-wheel drive the standard, and AWD will be an option. To add AWD, you need to select the check box of Enthusiast Package 400A or High Package 401A.Ford has made this Open Explorer Platinum, Upgrade the flagship interior from standard AWD to standard RWD. Explorer Platinum makes Ford’s smart 4WD a standalone option for $1,250. The explorer’s luxury platform partner, Lincoln Aviator, Is already a standard rear driver, Lincoln As a standalone option, all-wheel drive costs $1,510.

Integrating AWD into a package would be a departure from Explorer ST, so we have to see what other changes this will bring and assume it happens. Currently, the 400A package is called Enthusiast ST, which is basically a standard Explorer ST. A cheaper decoration has been added this year to reduce the basic manufacturer’s suggested retail price by approximately US$4,000. The 401A kit replaces the technical features that Ford deleted to create the Enthusiast ST. Using all-wheel drive as standard equipment next year may further reduce the basic manufacturer’s suggested retail price. We want to know if or how Ford will redesign other standard features in the two packages while adding all-wheel drive.


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