When Duane Brown was looking for a contract extension, he had a very important member of the Seahawks in his corner. That was Russell Wilson, the team’s starting quarterback.

After the melee in Seattle on Sunday, Wilson talked about Brown’s insistence that the left tackle is seeking a long-term deal. He let everyone know that he wants Brown back on the court.

“The absence of Duane Brown on the court is a very important deal because I think he is one of the best left tackles in the game. There is no controversy,” Wilson said. By ESPN“I think he is the best. No one is more athletic and talented than him. Age is just a number (Brown will turn 36 on August 30). He looks like 28 or 30. He really Very good. So smart and strong, knowing the game, I think people are afraid of him, honestly, when they rush and play against him.

“So we absolutely want to be able to get him back there. We have to figure this out because we need Duane Brown.”

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Wilson’s comments came six months after he expressed concern that the Seattle organization could not build an offensive line around him. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports Channel It was the first to notice the anger of the quarterback, but Wilson confirmed this in an interview with Dan Patrick in early February and a subsequent Zoom call with reporters.

“I’m frustrated being beaten too hard,” Wilson said, every NBC Sports Northwest.

Wilson’s complaints caused tensions between him and the Seahawks, and even Fueled the trading rumors of the offseason. Seattle finally took action to upgrade the route. The team traded Raiders guard Gabe Jackson, re-signed center Ethan Bosic, and signed Florida’s Stone Forsyth with a sixth-round pick.

Now, Wilson’s attention is focused on Brown, and this is for good reason. In the past 3 1/2 seasons, Brown has served as a left tackle in Seattle and is one of the team’s most stable wingers. In the past three years, he has committed only six penalty kicks and allowed only seven sacks. Considering that Wilson has been fired 146 times in the regular season since 2018, the latter number is particularly impressive.

Wilson is not worried about any potential regression for Brown.

“I think he has a few years to play,” Wilson said. “I think he can definitely do it. I think no one is more athletic than him. You see what he can do. He is also our leader. He is a real leader of the offensive line, really, he directs the offense. The line can really set the tone.”

Brown has one year left in his contract, and his salary cap in 2022 will reach $13.35 million. It is still unclear whether his persistence can continue into this season.

When he leaves the team, Forsythe, Jamarco Jones and Cedric Ogbuehi will be among the players competing for a snapshot in Wilson’s blind zone.

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