The Russians claim that they managed to destroy two American systems HIMARSused by the armed forces of Ukraine. The information on this was provided by Reuters, with the reservation that it cannot verify the truth of the claim. The agency referred to the Russian Interfax, which in turn cites the Russian defense ministry.

The Ministry of the Russian Federation informed about the destruction of the HIMARS in its daily operational information, which the press services of the ministry publish in Telegram, among others. Every day there is a video in which a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov tells about Russian successes at the front.

On Monday, Konashenkov began his speech with information about the destruction of two HIMARS systems in the Kharkiv region. The problem is that the spokesman’s words are pictured by a camera footage on a precision missile that hits a two-story building.

HIMARS batteries are not visible in the video at any time. The bullet hits the window of the building on the first floor. How the system would be located in the building – it is not known. “Clowns from the Russian Defense Ministry showed where they destroyed HIMARS. You see, here, in the office on the second floor (in Ukraine, the ground floor is not counted – ed.), There are two rocket launchers” – comments the Glavred portal.

Later in the movie, there is also information about the destruction of the firing battery Harpoon anti-ship missiles American production. This message is illustrated in turn by the firing of Russian rockets.

After the United States handed over the HIMARS missile artillery systems to Ukrainian troops, the chances of successfully attacking Russian targets deep in the front have definitely increased. For several weeks, Ukrainians have been providing data on further, the attacked ammunition yards of the occupiers.

On Sunday night, the authorities informed about the destroyed warehouse in Skadowsek on the Black Sea. This message was supported by photos and videos from local Telegram channels.