The statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense concerns prisoners of war from the marines, the National Guard, units of assault aviation and land forces. The Ukrainians were to decide to remain in the territory occupied by the Russian Federation for fear of being sent to the front.

“They all voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered to the Russian soldiers to save their lives. According to them, few people in the Ukrainian army are able to do so now, because the soldiers of the nationalist battalions act as watchdogs and they threaten to shoot the soldiers. They do not allow anyone to leave the front lines, “claims the Russian ministry’s propaganda.

According to the Russians, the Ukrainians also allegedly complained about corruption in the Ukrainian army, problems with command, intimidation of personnel and “barbaric attitude towards the civilian population”.

Ukrainian prisoners of war were also said to refuse to exchange “they do not want to return to Ukraine”, so as not to “become cannon fodder”. As standard, the propaganda message also mentions the puppet government of Ukraine.

The Russians also stated that the prisoners were “fully satisfied” with the conditions of their detention. They are to receive three meals a day, they can visit the church and use the laundry. Apparently, they can also call their relatives.

To confirm this information no evidence was presented. However, the Russians have recently shown how they are preparing a show trial for Mariupol’s defenders. The soldiers of the Azov regiment, whom the Russian Federation has recognized as terrorists, want to try in the city philharmonic hall, and the courtroom is built on the stage.

The Ukrainian side points out that the prisoners are the Russians they do not admit observers of international organizations.