In Gelendzhik in Russian Krasnodar Krai there was a brutal crime. Several men drank alcohol together on the night of August 25. There was a quarrel between them. According to the accounts of local residents, The whole neighborhood heard the screamsand the conflict lasted for about half an hour.

Then 32-year-old Nikolai Pavlov from Belgorod cut the throat of one of the men. The event was recorded by a surveillance camera. Before his death, the murdered had shouted “glory to Ukraine”. The war in this country was also to be the subject of a dispute, UNIAN reports.

Pavlov was arrested. According to his account, the man he killed was allegedly from Ukraine and he threatened his mother.

According to an analysis by the Center for Eastern Studies in May 2022, the Russian media “quantitatively increased the message on relations with Ukraine, and its language changed to more aggressive and aggressive towards Ukraine and the West“.

The authorities are trying to justify the invasion of Ukraine by describing it as a “special operation”. “Moreover, the official targets of aggression are mentioned demilitarization and denazification Ukraine, where, in the opinion of the Kremlin, fascism – fought by Russia during World War II – was reborn, “writes the OSW.

Moreover, the thread of the fight against fascism and the need to defend against the allegedly Ukraine attack on Donbass are combined in the propaganda thesis that the Russians are victims of the war, “modern Jews”. “Russophobia exaggerated by the Russian media is compared to the Holocaust” – comments the OSW.