Scotty Pippen is not known for the flamethrower on the court, but he certainly knows how to be one of them.

In a provocative interview on the June 28th edition of the “Dan Patrick Show”, Pippen set his sights on former teammate Michael Jordan and head coach Phil Jackson. After the aftermath of the “Last Dance”, he continued Gasoline was poured on the burning fire.

When talking about Jordan’s decision to leave basketball and pursue a career in baseball, Pippen called the move “selfish” and said “this is what Michael Jordan looks like”:

“That’s the kind of person who believes that they can do anything,” he said.

Pippen said that although the two are “excellent teammates”, they are nothing more than that and did not really mention the friendship between the two.

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In response to the 2020 documentary “The Last Dance” documenting the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls series, Pippen said that the focus of this video is on Jordan, not the entire Bulls, and the “camera” directly works for Jordan. Instead of working for Jordan. bull.

“You know the cameras sitting in that pile of things, who do they work for?” Pippen asked. “You know who Michael is talking to, right? That was planned. That was talking to the camera. That’s not for what, what we are going to do, what is going to be acting. That is talking to the camera. The camera.

“If John Stockton doesn’t come down—trust me. It’s making his own documentary because he knows he is controlling the camera.”

Pippen also set his sights on former Bulls coach Phil Jackson. He said that in the 1994 playoffs against the Knicks, Jackson could not make Pippen shoot at the last second. Pippen said that Phil Jackson’s motives for giving Kukoc a chance rather than his own were purely racially motivated.

Patrick said: “If you say it is racism, you are saying that Phil is a racist.”

Pippen replied, “I have no opinion on this.”

Patrick: “Do you think Phil was, or is it now?”

Pippen: “Oh, yes.”

The former Bulls All-Star and Basketball Hall of Fame member will also condemn Jackson’s decision to write a book about his time with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Pippen said that as a player, he knows Jackson better than those outside the locker room and defended his controversial position against the coach.

Pippen recently made the headlines of the comments Around Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

It seems that his tendency to make headlines will not slow down anytime soon.

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