We explored the new Bitcoin and crypto exchanging bot programming Tesler App, a computerized exchanging platform that claims to utilize an exclusive algorithmic exchanging API. Not much data is available on Tesler App prior to putting aside an installment, nonetheless, it has all the earmarks of being exceptionally well known on the web and is the most current supplier inside a developing industry pattern of Bitcoin robot, or ‘bot’ programming instruments for digital money financial backers.

These ‘Robo counselors’ satisfy the rising need for exchanging bot programs inside the crypto exchanging local area, as the crypto markets exchange day in and day out/365, dissimilar to the heritage markets, (for example, forex, Gold, and stocks) that nearby exchanging for the end of the week.

In this aide, we’ll look at Tesler App’s publicizing duplicate and expressed includes, and break down its claimed win rate and contributing procedure. Remember some exchanging robots are tricks or potentially make an exceptionally overstated profit from venture (ROI) claims, our survey group boycotted a portion of our best Bitcoin robot guides.


What Is Tesler App?

Most human merchants lose – crypto trades frequently express the surmised rate as around 68% – 72% in a gamble disclaimer – and even retail financial backers that simply purchase and hold frequently end up alarm unloading in an inopportune time when the market rectifies, or don’t pick the best altcoins to purchase at the perfect opportunities. Bitcoin exchanging bots and other crypto exchanging bots claim to go about as ‘Robo consultants’ to assist dealers with being more productive – one of the most up-to-date exchanging bot devices is Bit Alpha AI. In different surveys, the main Bit Alpha AI slogan is:

As far as what it does another way, Bit Alpha AI claims to naturally put resources into digital currencies for the client and swing exchange in view of crypto-economic situations, changing assume benefits and stopping misfortune orders all day, every day.

Nonetheless, Bit Alpha AI doesn’t make its auto-exchanging programming freely available for those that don’t put aside an installment so we couldn’t check its exactness and win rate. The base store is on the lower end for exchanging robots at just $50 and purportedly a demo account is made available.

Is Tesler App A Scam?

Not 100 percent clear claims Tesler App or fostered its crypto exchanging bot programming. For any top-to-the-bottom survey of Tesler, App clients need to put aside an underlying installment.

Be that as it may, it’s normal for crypto project proprietors to be mysterious or use pen names. Likewise, the 90% success rate claim, which is unconfirmed, isn’t as high and unreasonable sounding as some Bitcoin robots that claim a close to 100% ROI.

Utilize a stop misfortune and just contribute the base, to begin with until you’re certain Tesler App fills in as depicted.


How Does Tesler App Work?

The Tesler App site claims this device utilizes high-recurrence exchanging and can run naturally behind the scenes while enlisted brokers are AFK. Its API can be incorporated with clients’ preferred crypto trade and recognizes possibly productive exchanging arrangements with an 80% success rate.

Indeed, even with that supposed high exactness, there is a plausible of making misfortunes with this crypto robot. Just exchange with a sum you can bear to lose.

Tesler App Fees

This robot states it is for nothing, so Tesler App charges no store expenses, withdrawal expenses, or other secret charges and commissions. In any case, the trading platform Tesler App will charge its own producer/taker expense – other than Binance which in 2022 eliminated all spot exchanging expenses (for Bitcoin).

While purchasing Bitcoin and sending it to and from your Tesler App wallet that cycle really does likewise cause a little organization expense for every exchange or a spread/producer and taker charge contingent upon the crypto trade utilized.

Robotized Trading

Tesler App claims it can remain productive over the long haul, which if authentic and sustainable would match proficient human informal investors. Tesler App runs on autopilot and can be utilized by any amateur broker as indicated by the site. Financial backers require no specific degree of exchanging mastery to exchange with Tesler App.


Different web-based Tesler App surveys state it is a completely programmed exchanging platform, meaning financial backers needn’t bother with any specialized mastery to utilize it. When you register and set aside an installment, all you really want to do is to tap the live exchanging button. There is a likewise demo record to assist you to dive more deeply into the genuine dashboard before live exchanging.


Tesler App claims to have every one of the important measures set up to guarantee digital security. For example, their site is appropriately scrambled and they have an obvious secret key strategy. From the footer, it can likewise be resolved that Tesler App is GDPR agreeable and consequently doesn’t share clients’ information without their assent.

Client Assistance

The Tesler App site makes available its client assistance as telephone backing and email support day in and day out. Correspondences through email can be slower anyway phone specialists rush to answer inquiries – an individual specialist is typically relegated to each new Tesler App join.


Instructions To Use Tesler App – Step By Step

To enroll for another Tesler App account follow these means:

1. Visit The Tesler App Website

Ensure you’re visiting the authority Tesler App webpage as certain connections online seem to farce to the site to gather leads for staggered promoting plans and Ponzi tricks.

2. Enter Personal Information

In the container on the landing page enter your email, contact number, and client name. You can utilize a pen name burner to represent those in the event that you’re worried about the security of online bots.

3. Store

Begin with the base store of $50 until you’re prepared to contribute more – try out a cashout, which from Tesler App surveys can require 1-2 hours to process, directed back to the installment strategy used to store. Store choices incorporate credit or charge cards and bank moves.

4. Begin Trading

Most Bitcoin robots and crypto robots give a demo record to paper exchange prior to focusing on genuine cash exchange. Demo accounts have zero gambles.

While you’re perusing to exchange select Bitcoin or one of the major altcoins Tesler App upholds – allegedly Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), and that’s just the beginning – and change the settings of the Tesler App program to your inclinations. Then, at that point, actuate the Tesler App bot.


We evaluated Tesler App 4.5/5 in view of the restricted data encompassing it contrasted with other mechanized exchanging devices. A decent option in contrast to utilizing Tesler App or any comparable exchanging bot is to utilize the duplicate exchanging highlight on eToro – this FCA, ASIC, and CySEC-managed crypto platform permit you to mirror the exchanging choices of a triumphant, beneficial broker of your decision, or a few.

At Inside Bitcoins we suggest differentiating your portfolio by designating part of your assets into a deeply grounded platform like eToro – don’t put all your crypto assets into one bot or hold it on one site.

Duplicate exchanging on eToro is like involving a robot in that you can develop your speculation without the need to screen it, exchange yourself, or decide – all purchase, sell, TP, and SL orders are computerized. The platform likewise upholds marking compensations for holding Ethereum or Cardano in your free wallet, a wellspring of recurring, automated revenue.

See our full manual for duplicate portfolios on eToro, additionally called ‘Brilliant Portfolios’, one more comparative component to robotized duplicate exchanging. There is likewise a mitigating risk bot on Crypto.com. That is one more option in contrast to Tesler App.