With the addition of Texas and Oklahoma, the US Securities and Exchange Commission will dominate the offseason in 2022.

Longhorns and Sooners have not yet attended the meeting. On the court, Alabama will dominate the field again after winning the sixth national championship under Nick Saban in 2020. The Crimson Tide has a new lineup led by Bryce Young, but expectations will not change.

SN’s preseason top 25 has seven SEC teams, including SEC Eastern heavyweight teams Georgia and Florida. Texas A&M, LSU, Ole Miss and Auburn also made the list. Auburn welcomed first-year coach Brian Hasings, and Josh Heppel of Tennessee, Clark Leigh of Vanderbilt and Sean Beamer of South Carolina also joined the Brotherhood of Coaching.

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Everyone is still chasing Machines in Saban, Alabama. Will anyone catch up in 2022? Sports News looks at the US Securities and Exchange Commission and makes predictions for 2022:

Estimated completion order in 2022

SEC East

  1. Georgia
  2. Florida
  3. Kentucky
  4. Missouri
  5. Tennessee
  6. South Carolina
  7. Vanderbilt

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission West

  1. Alabama
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. Louisiana State University
  4. Become a Miss
  5. Auburn
  6. Mississippi
  7. Arkansas

Popular storyline from the US Securities and Exchange Commission: Can Georgia break through?

Since Kirby Smart joined in 2016, Georgia has a record of 52-14; ranked fifth among Power 5 schools, second only to Alabama (65-5) and Clemson (65- 6) Ohio State University (56-7) and Oklahoma (56-10).

The Bulldogs are enough to win the SEC and enter the college football playoff championship game, but it is not enough to break the nation. A championship drought dating back to 1980?

Georgia is a strong bet to retake the SEC East in 2022. JT Daniels showed his command of the offense at the end of last season. Smart played with Louisiana State University’s close end Arik Gilbert, West Virginia safety Taki Smith and Clemson cornerback Leon Kendrick. The transfer portal works.

Given how much Alabama lost in the 2022 NFL Draft, now is the perfect time for the Bulldogs to take the long-awaited next step.

Affect freshmen

Ga’Quincy McKinstry, CB, Alabama

Mackinstry is not lacking in confidence. He is wearing the No. 1 jersey and his name on the official team roster is “Kool-Aid”. McKinstry is a five-star cornerback, and if they are good enough to play the right role, Saban will not be ashamed to work on the back end. McKinstry will find a role in middle school, who lost Patrick Surtain II in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jason Marshall, CB, Florida

Marshall is another five-star cornerback to watch. The 6-2 and 180-pound players are a major achievement for Palmetto High School in Miami. He should at least compete for time with rookie Donovan Mitchell in the nickel and dime bag of Alligator Middle School.

Influence shift

Henry To’o To’o, LB, Alabama

Crimson Tide already has Christian Harris and Will Anderson Jr., so joining To’o To’o is almost unfair. To’o To’o has averaged 74 steals per game for Tennessee in the past two seasons, and he has received attention from Alabama during the recruitment process. He may become the best player in the United States following the Crimson Tide.

Arik Gilbert, Georgia, TE

Gilbert is a coveted five-star recruit at Louisiana State University. In his freshman year, he had 35 catches for 368 yards and a pair of TDs. Now, in Georgia’s offense, for Daniels, he will be a 6-foot-5, 248-pound dislocation. For the bulldog, this is a big gain.

Tykee Smith, S, Georgia

Smith has been a West Virginia eagle for the past two seasons. He compiled 121 steals, 4 interceptions and 9 pass breakthroughs. Now, together with his predecessors Chistopher Smith and Ameer Speed, he is a safety officer for Bulldogs.

Heisman’s Hope

Matt Corral, QB, Miss Ole

Archie Manning (1970) and Eli Manning (2003) won third place as Rebel QB in the Heisman poll. Corral brought that excitement with his ability to organize double threats. Last season, he led the FBS with 3,843 yards in total offensive yards, including 506 rushing yards. Paired with Lane Kiffin, Corral should achieve greater success in 2022.

JT Daniels, QB, Georgia

Daniels started his career at the University of Southern California and became a starter at the end of last season. He averaged 10.3 yards per shot, with a quarterback rating of 178.5; a high efficiency figure comparable to recent Heisman Award winner Joe Burrow and finalist Mike Jones. Throughout the offseason, Daniels’ Heisman odds have also improved. Remember-three of the past four Heisman winners are quarterbacks.

Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

Tua Tagovailoa and Jones-the last two quarterbacks of Alabama-are Heisman’s finalists. Last season, Yang averaged 7.1 yards per pass, with a bench completion rate of 59.1. He made a fortune in the NIL trade, and this will only continue if he invests a lot of money around the new support lineup in Alabama.

Biggest game

Texas A&M’s Alabama (October 9)

Aggies was on the brink of playoff dialogue last season, and now the challenge is obvious: defeat Bama.Texas A&M University coach Kimball Fisher calls His offseason shots; Knowing that Crimson Tide has won the past three games with an average of 23 points per game, it is really bold.

LSU vs. Florida (October 16)

Louisiana State University’s 37-34 victory last season undermined Florida’s playoff hopes, and this game is already early enough on the schedule that the winner will know where they stand. Remember, Florida will play Alabama on September 25, and Louisiana State will play Auburn on October 2.

Florida and Georgia (October 30)

This is the game that determines most of the SEC Eastern season. In the past six seasons, each school has represented the Atlanta division three times. Dan Mullen and Smart of Florida are not afraid to punch back and forth. This is an important position in the schedule.

Louisiana State University, Alabama (November 6)

This is the contest between the last two national championships. After Crimson Tide won 55-17 last season, Louisiana State University will respond. The Tigers won in Tuscaloosa in 2022, and Saban may not have forgotten this.

Important SEC statistics

Offense is the name of the game now, and the SEC is not far behind. View the total offense and points and total defense and points of the past four SEC champions:

year School General PPG Total defense PPG
2017 Georgia 435.3 35.4 294.9 16.4
2018 Alabama 522.0 45.6 322.3 18.1
2019 year Louisiana State University 568.9 48.4 344.3 21.9
2020 year Alabama 541.8 48.5 352.2 19.4

This is the new standard to follow. The last two national champions averaged more than 48 points per game and averaged close to 550 yards per game. The total defense is also increasing year by year. Coaches who continue to adapt to offensive inflation will be the most successful in 2022.

SEC Champion: Alabama

In view of the serious wear and tear of the NFL draft, Crimson Tide is facing challenges. Saban admitted on the SEC Media Day that Crimson Tide will be “work in progress.” The tough opener against Miami and the SEC schedule are on the agenda, and Georgia seems to be the closest challenger.

We are still picking Crimson Tide. Look for Alabama to continue the battle for another SEC championship and visit common suspects in the college football playoffs.

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