We are not over yet Shakari Richardson A few months ago, it rushed into our hearts and entered our list of hair goals. (We have not finished the complete BS that made her miss the Olympics after successfully qualifying, but I digressed.) This talented runner was immediately recognized for the amazing orange wig she wore during the competition. Redder change Since then, it seems that warm, fiery hair is Richardson’s preferred hue-until now.

Richardson posted a video on Instagram, showing an unexpected new look.The editing started with the star athlete sitting in a salon chair, showing off Her natural hair. When her lips synchronized with Nicki Minaj’s voice—”It took me some time, you know, I took some time to rest, it’s game time, bitches”—her stylist yanked her Work clothes, cut into her “after”.

Richardson now has super long, platinum blonde, centered, wavy hair-very different from her usual color. But what makes it even bigger is the incredible blue part below.The look was created by a stylist in Orlando Brianna Renee, Also known as lace trainer.

According to the New York City stylist, peekaboo colors like Richardson’s new blue are a major trend in the fall. Louis Miller“I see a lot of peekaboo colors-some are half of the explosion, then under the side, around the face,” he said Lure.

Missouri Colorist Corissa Knoll The same thing was observed—not just blonde hair like Richardson’s new base color. “The bright light next to the high contrast and dark bottom is also very good,” she said.

We are fascinated by how blue matches her Nike vest and briefs. (If you look closely, it also seems to match the accent nails on her wonderful manicure.) Honestly, when she returned to the track, we couldn’t wait to see this beautiful hair fluttering behind her.

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