The recording published on the web shows that the shark observed off the coast of the Spanish province is the Atlantic coati. This animal is considered to be one of the the fastest of sharks.

The Catalan radio station RAC1 reminds us that in the Mediterranean Sea there is a shark like that the species was last seen over a decade ago. Meanwhile, three of its specimens were spotted off the shores of the province of Barcelona last week.

Due to the fact that sharks on Barcelona’s beaches were seen by tourists from Romania resting there, on Monday the Bucharest television Digi24 interviewed biologists about the phenomenon observed at the Spanish shores.

The biologist Adrian Bilba, quoted by the station, believes that the presence of sharks will be more and more common in the Mediterranean region every year due to the search for new feeding sites by these animals. He added that the intense presence of man in the oceans made human activity “it doesn’t scare sharks anymore, but rather it makes them curious.”

From 2020, the greater presence of sharks has also been confirmed by biologists from Portugal. These animals were seen especially off the southern coast of this country.