There is nothing like taking scissors to an old purpose in pursuit of a newer, fresher you.this Elf It’s a classic for a reason, whether you’re accustomed to short hair and looking for a refreshment, or you’re looking for a change to long, flowing hair.

With the trend of short haircuts, it is now one of the most popular hairstyles you can have. In fact, according to L’Oreal Paris, searches for “pixie cut” have increased by 160%, and if this season’s red carpet is anything to go by, celebrities are going all out. Florence Pugh, Saweetie and Lea Seydoux have all worn the cut recently.

In 2022, the Pixie gets a makeover, so expect to see the editing get more creative. “If we look at the pixie crop, it’s more diverse,” says hairstylist Larry King. Specifically, “We’re seeing more length in the back to make it softer or longer in the front and sides.” Actually, it’s less jagged and feels a little bit furier and more life– But still very chic.

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