In terms of technology alone, Deshaun Watson is one of the best young quarterbacks in the current game. Although the Texans’ record last year was 4 wins and 12 losses, after Watson’s career season, his passing yards (4,823), touchdowns (33) and completion rate (70.2%) all set personal highs. His number of interceptions also hit a career low (7). What makes Watson more attractive as a fantasy football quarterback is his mobility, as he sprinted for more than 400 yards for three consecutive seasons (15 rushing touchdowns during this period). Of course, Watson’s vision for 2021 is far more than his skills, because lawsuits, criminal investigations, and transaction requests have completely changed his views.

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Quick recap: Watson asked for a trade early in the offseason, reportedly because he was dissatisfied with the Texans because they were unwilling to give him more say in the team’s coaching hiring. In mid-March, Houston attorney Tony Buzbee announced in an Instagram post that he represented a masseuse who accused Watson of sexual misconduct against the Texas quarterback.

Since the initial lawsuit, many other women have come forward, and now Watson is facing punishment from the alliance, waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit and criminal investigation.

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Deshaun Watson sexual assault allegations

Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. In late July, 10 women complained to the police about Watson. Eight of the 10 women who filed a complaint with the police were 22 women who filed a civil lawsuit. In mid-August, Watson’s lawyer Rusty Harding said that the quarterback had already met with FBI investigators.

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Will Deshaun Watson be suspended?

The National Football League said it launched an investigation into Watson’s allegations a few days after the first lawsuit was filed. The investigation is progressing slowly, and as of mid-August, NFL investigators have not spoken directly with Watson.Bouzby Tell The Athletic The NFL interviewed 10 plaintiffs who accused Watson of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

According to reports, the NFL has been cooperating with the Houston Police Department and “ensure that the NFL investigation will not interfere with their investigation.”

When asked about the April investigation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a brief statement.

Goodall said: “We are obviously paying attention to this and looking at it independently.” “As part of our personal behavior policy, we will take some important steps. When we reach this point, we will definitely make a decision. .”

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According to previous cases, Watson is likely to be suspended. The question is how long. Although the Columbus City Attorney’s Office refused to charge Elliott due to “contradictory and inconsistent information,” running back Ezekiel Elliott’s cowboys were suspended for six games by the NFL for their alleged involvement in domestic violence cases. .

Elliott’s case reminded the league’s rules that the NFL has the right to punish players within its personal behavior policy, even if they have not been formally charged. If Watson is accused, then we can expect a longer suspension. Predictions of any kind are entirely speculative, but at this point, some level of suspension seems inevitable, but, again, it is unclear how many games there will be and when they will start. It’s hard to imagine Watson will start the list of events this season.

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Will Deshaun Watson be traded?

Watson asked for a deal early in the offseason, and after more than 20 civil lawsuits were filed against the quarterback, deal negotiations have subsided. The Texans initially refused to trade Watson, but a report by the NFL media in late July stated that the Texans are now open to the idea, even though the team wants “at least three first-round picks and more.”

Before we know the results of civil lawsuits and criminal investigations, it is almost impossible to imagine that a team would trade for Watson. Having said that, Watson also seems to have played the last game with the Texans. After the result of the civil lawsuit, Watson may be traded, but it seems that it is still far away.

Will Deshaun Watson play in 2021?

There is no specific information about Watson’s game status in 2021, but all signs indicate that he will be absent this year. In order to avoid being fined, he has been in the training camp of the Texans, but in practice he is a limited participant. Although coach David Kali said that the quarterback was not injured, Watson still missed the game in mid-August.

Considering that Watson wants to be traded, he is unlikely to be suitable for Houston this year. As we mentioned before, it seems unlikely that the team will trade him until we know the outcome of the civil lawsuit. Watson’s game state is in a state of uncertainty.

Even if we get the result of a civil lawsuit at the beginning of the season, Watson is likely to miss important time due to suspension.

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Deshaun Watson Fantasy Ranking, ADP

SN Fantasy #38 quarterback For the 2021 NFL season, Watson is not one of them. The mock draft website still shows that Watson was selected by some people, but his rounds are in double digits (probably from the Dynasty League). Even setting aside all allegations of sexual misconduct and trading rumors, Watson is at a disadvantage in the Texans, even if he does participate in the game. The Texans have an inexperienced receiving team outside of Brandin Cooks, and have joined running backs with David Johnson by adding Mark Ingram, Philip Lindsay and Rex Burkhead.

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Deshaun Watson Fantasy Outlook 2021

Watson is not in our quarterback rankings for a reason. He probably won’t play at all this season. He probably just wasted your roster position on the bench in the redrafted league. There are many other quarterbacks in the fantasy that can provide value, so joining Watson doesn’t seem really worth it. In addition, I personally don’t even like having a backup quarterback on my roster, but this is another debate.

In short, when it comes to Watson, there are too many things to solve, so it’s best to avoid him in the re-draft league this year. If you want to catch him in the Dynasty League and hope that he will not be out this year, then you must fight for the last few rounds, but even then there is a small risk.


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