Michael Thomas is about to end a disappointing season and is likely to usher in another season.However, this year’s fantasy football bosses may not As Frustrated, because we already know the injury status of Thomas into the season. Last year, Thomas suffered a high ankle sprain after participating in Week 1 (and subsequently with a hamstring strain later this year) and ended up playing only six games. Thomas performed poorly after playing these six games and ended the regular season with an injury substitute to prepare for the playoffs. After his record-breaking season in 2019, he set a single-season catch record with 149 catches, which disappointed him. As a result, his 2022 fantasy prospects (and rankings) continue to decline.

This year, Thomas has had multiple problems against him. First of all, after choosing to undergo surgery late in the offseason, he will again miss out with his ankle. According to reports, his decision was the result of discord with the team.Although Thomas did not publicly express his frustration Except for a mysterious tweet, He has Like a few tweets On Twitter, this seemed to indicate that he was dissatisfied with the Saints medical staff.

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Another question is, now that Drew Bliss has retired, will Thomas still be as productive as before. The Saints have a quarterback battle between James Winston and Tesom Hill. No matter who finally starts, it will have a huge impact on every receiver of the Saints.

Below, we will delve into Thomas’ vision for 2022.

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How long will Michael Thomas be out?

Thomas underwent an ankle ligament repair surgery in June, and the NFL Network said at the time that there would be a four-month recovery timetable for the surgery. The report also said that Thomas may miss “several weeks” in the regular season.

Saints beat reporter Nick Underhill Propose a timetable He expects Thomas’ “worst case” will be his return in late October. Underhill’s “best case” expects Thomas to be ready by the end of September. The arrival in late September means that he will appear in the third week of the game against the Patriots on September 26. Underhill’s worst-case scenario basically means that Thomas will not arrive until the Saints meet again in Week 6.

Of course, considering Thomas’ same ankle problem last year, even after he comes back, he may aggravate his injury and miss more time.

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Michael Thomas Fantasy Ranking and ADP

SN Fantasy makes Michael Thomas the top 26 wide receivers in these two fields standard and PPR formatHe is still an elite receiver at the wide receiver position, and he is undoubtedly the best wide receiver on the Saints roster. Following Thomas on the depth map are Tre’Quan Smith, Marquez Callaway and Deonte Harris. Although these three people showed some hope, they are all quite inexperienced.

Thomas could also benefit from James Winston as a quarterback. Drew Brees struggled to throw the ball deep, leading to Thomas’ nickname “Slanted Boy”. Although Thomas is likely to be hit in the catch category (don’t expect him to break the NFL record again), his number of yards per catch should be on par with Winston.

Thomas’ ADP from FantasyPros Similar to SN’s ranking, because according to the August trend, he was approximately the 25th wide receiver selected. This allowed him to be eliminated in the sixth or seventh round of the 12-team fantasy draft.

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Will Michael Thomas be traded?

Thomas’ decision to undergo surgery relatively late in the offseason is the latest in a series of disagreements between the wide receiver and the Saints. Coach Sean Payton publicly expressed his disappointment with Thomas’ June surgery, telling the media that the surgery should be performed earlier than now, and said at the end: “I’m leaving.”

A sort of The Saints report beats writer Jeff Duncan Highlighted some offseason dramas:

For unknown reasons, Thomas lost contact with the saints. In the next three months, he did not respond to multiple calls. At the time, Saints coach Bolori, wide receiver coach Curtis Johnson and head coach Sean Payton all tried to contact Thomas. None of their calls were answered or returned.

Although there are obvious signs of frustration on both sides, it seems to have subsided.A sort of Recent report Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports said that Payton and Thomas had a productive meeting to solve their problems.

“They talked well [the issues]”,” a source told Yahoo Sports. “I think they all think there is nothing further than what already exists. There is a sense of frustration in both sides’ views, and this is the focus of the meeting. “

The Yahoo Sports report also added that their sources indicated that the two sides “do not seek to split.” Therefore, unless there is another major turning point, Thomas should stay with the Saints this season.

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Who benefits from the absence of Michael Thomas?

Alvin Camara is already a top player, but Thomas’ absence will only strengthen the Saints as a running back for receiving the ball. Thomas shines on the short sloping line, so it is natural to assume that some of these shorter passes will only go to Kamala.

As for the catcher, Tre’Quan Smith will be the next on the depth chart, but he has never been a person with a lot of production capacity. Smith praised his blocking ability more. Players like Marquez Callaway and Deonte Harris may benefit the most from Thomas’ injury. Harris is a quick choice. He has always been a returnee for the Saints. He showed some hope in increasing playing time last season.Callaway has Steadily rising ADP board And maybe a PPR expert.

A sneaky possibility is the close end Adam Troutman, who jumped into the starting role after Jared Cook left, and as long as Thomas is not there, he will line up to find more targets.

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Michael Thomas Fantasy Outlook 2022

Whether to draft Thomas really depends on your position in the draft. All reports indicate that he will not miss the entire season due to injury, and he seems to have solved the problem with the Saints, which means he will not persist or be traded. He is an elite catcher, so he will definitely have a fantasy effect.

However, Thomas may be a player you don’t want to touch. Even if he does recover from the injury, there is no guarantee that his ankle will remain healthy throughout the year. We saw this situation in 2020, when he recovered from his injury, just to accept IR again. The quarterback situation is also a big problem. If Tesom Hill finally starts, we expect the Saints to run heavier, which means Thomas and everyone else have fewer goals. Even if Winston starts, there is a clear difference between Drew Bliss-one of the most accurate passers in history-and Winston.

Drafting Thomas is risky, so it depends on whether you want to seize the opportunity of top talent early in the mid-round or choose a safer option to put him in the lineup in Week 1 and Week 2 (and beyond) Appear. Consider Thomas WR3 on draft day, but you may still have to pay a premium for his WR1 advantage. This makes him a gamble, unless he does fall.


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