After initially withdrawing from the Olympics on July 28 due to mental health issues, the gymnasts Simone Byers A few days later, on August 3, he finished the game on the balance beam and won the bronze medal.That day, she made history Tie the record for the most Olympic medals won by American gymnasts. Now, the Olympian returns home and relaxes by the pool with his family Box braid.

On August 8, Byers shared a few new photos of her Braid hairstyle With her 6 million and counting followers. She poses in a tie-dye bikini, her tongue sticking out of her smile, and her braids parting in the middle. These box braids are definitely on the longer side, the curly tip is below her waist, and we are fascinated by every inch of them.

Before transitioning to the curly ends, medium-sized braids start to get smaller around half of the hair.These wavy ends add a bohemian touch to this convenience Protection styleAlthough she may sometimes play with brown and blonde hair, this time the 24-year-old kept it simple with all-black braids.

This is actually not the first time she has worn such curly braids. In December 2020, she shared her selfie Black and caramel brown box braids With a similar wavy tip, it looks beautiful.Although she often shows off her straightened hair on Instagram, she also often uses other braid hairstyles to change her hairstyle, including Corn on the cob With honey blonde highlights and Medium-sized black box braids Under the denim Chanel bucket hat.

After the Tokyo Olympics, we like to see Biles relax and spend time with her beloved family, her supportive boyfriend and two people. French bulldogWe hope she can relax and engage in any self-care she needs.

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