Simone Biles won a bronze medal in the gymnastics balance beam final on Tuesday, her first game after she withdrew from several games due to mental health reasons.

Byers Leaving halfway through the team finals After staggering in the vault.Wednesday, American Gymnastics Announce Byers also withdrew from the individual all-around competition, “to focus on her mental health.”

The US Gymnastics team said in a statement at the time: “We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and praise her for her courage to put her happiness first.” “Her courage once again shows why she is a role model for so many people. “

With the rest of the Olympics going on, it is not clear whether Byers can compete again, but on Monday the US gymnastics team announced that she will return to the Olympics stage on the balance beam on Tuesday-the last women’s gymnastics competition in the Olympics.

When her teammates cheered for her, Byers got off the ground safely. She scored 14.000 points and won her seventh Olympic medal for Byers.This relation She and Shannon Miller won the most Olympic medals in the history of American gymnastics.

Byers said: “I am proud to be able to go out after experiencing this,” Say Then.

Byers also won a bronze medal on the balance beam at the 2016 Rio Olympics and won four gold medals in these competitions.

This year’s bronze medal is “Of course it’s sweeter,” Byers says. “After going through all this, I will cherish this even more,” she says.

Chinese players Guan Chenchen and Tang Xijing won gold and silver medals.

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