Toneam Outoftown Blog Center ( – Mobile service provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) achieved an ambitious crossover moment, bringing together top gaming personalities to produce a star-studded GIGA Arena, the first all-in-one esports platform for Filipino mobile gamers video.

The one-minute video features Alodia Gosiengfiao, Dexie Diaz, Christine Samson and Nix Gaming, the most famous Filipino streamers today.

Smart brings together top gamers Alodia, Christine, Dexie and Nix for star-studded GIGA Arena video

Alodia, who rose to fame for her elaborate cosplay and streaming, is now the co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, a company that aims to revolutionize the esports landscape in the country.

Like Alodia, Christine Samson is both a cosplayer and an anchor, and has dabbled in commercial modeling and television hosting.

On the other hand, Dexie Diaz and Nix are among the top mobile legends in the US today, with 6.6 million and 4 million Facebook followers, respectively.

In the video, these top gamers are transported to the various dimensions of GIGA Arena, along with features such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournaments, immerse themselves in their favorite games and be great together

Like Alodia, Dexie, Christine and Nix Gaming, Filipino gamers and esports enthusiasts looking to test their skills and train to excel can walk into the Smart Giga Arena.

No matter the game, whether it’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends: Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, gamers can work their way through the trenches with you in training Daily, weekly and monthly tournaments.

The best part is that interested players don’t even have to be the best or high-ranked to have a chance to play – Smart GIGA Arena trains them to be the best and lets them grind with others who may be more experienced Practice your skills without discrimination.

The more they play, the more they earn, and they even have a chance to win real cash prizes!

Participate in any match at Smart GIGA Arena

To join Smart GIGA Arena, subscribers simply visit and create an account using their Smart or TNT mobile number.To participate in ongoing tournaments, users need Giga Arena tickets, which can be earned and accumulated every time you sign up for a GIGA Games data package on the GigaLife app or dial *123#

In addition to enabling users to participate in live tournaments with real cash prizes, the all-in-one platform has innovative features that allow mobile gamers to stream live tournaments, play arcade games, purchase e-loads, and easily link their video games. wallet to secure their tournament winnings via GigaPay and PayMaya, etc.

The fastest 5G mobile network in the Philippines

Smart users enjoy an upgraded gaming experience powered by Smart, the Philippines’ fastest 5G mobile network, according to Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband intelligence.

Ookla announced that Smart is the fastest 5G mobile network in the country and won the Speedtest Awards™ Q3-Q4 2021 with a speed score of 201.95. Its closest competitor posted a speed score of 116.08.

Enter Smart GIGA Arena, your great training ground at

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